Quest Calendar 2024 – Starsday 20 / Sunsday 21, Deepwinter

Posted on January 20, 2024

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Quill catches sight of a thief pickpocketing among the line to get into the city of Crownspire.

Based on personality, I chose to have her attempt to persuade the thief to return what they stole… despite the fact she has no charismatic bonus whatsoever. The alternate was to threaten him, and that wasn’t any better bonus-wise.

Her persuasion attempt was dismal and earned her a -2 to damage rolls for the fight that broke out after. Despite that, her attack and damage were point-on, but I feel a little awkward about just up and killing a thief (he did attack first) right there in the line to get into town. And looting an amber and a Warding Ointment to boot.

Where are the guards in all this? This can’t be a good look for Quill – not that I’m too worried because we’re about to switch characters again. Despite Quill being the character with the most amber so far, I still have my eye on a different character to make my main. She will be introduced Monday from what I can see, and I’m hoping things go well for her start!

Hero: Quill Mudsong

  • HP: 16
  • Amber: 9
  • Virtue: 1

Hero: Thatch Springwillow

  • HP: 11
  • Amber: 7
  • Virtue: 1

Hero: Tak Redwind

  • HP: 14
  • Amber: 10
  • Virtue: 1

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