Quest Calendar 2024 – Moonsday, Snowsend 12

Posted on February 12, 2024

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Captain Clawthorn arrives in the throne room with reinforcements. Apparently, the gang is all here, and it’s now finally time to choose the hero I’m going to play for the rest of the year.

I have always known and made it clear that Cora was my choice – I can’t pass up a mouse, much less a fancy mouse princess. Though I’m extremely surprised that the Captain is going to allow Cora to even be a choice. It’s worded as if this is her test to prove herself to her mother, but just a few moments before, the Captain was directing a hero to jump down the hole that’s tunneled in the floor to determine where the enemy is coming from.

Not only that, while the Captain determines this is an emergency, the first thing your character does is take a rest. I mean… I won’t argue about getting HP back (though Cora already had all her HP), but it’s like “Hurry up and go!... after this rest…”.

I also noticed the pickpocket symbol, so gave that a try. Only got one amber, though.

Hero: Cora Wildclaw

  • HP: 18
  • Amber: 7
  • Virtue: 0

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