Quest Calendar 2024 – Windsday, Snowsend 21

Posted on February 21, 2024

Posted in Quest Calendar 2024

Time to explore more tunnels today.

Cora’s tunneling knowledge comes in handy some more today! Really, this bonus was the thing that tipped one of my rolls from bad to good, so I’m thankful for it.

She wanders down a tunnel, quickly realizing that it was abandoned mid-dig because it was going the wrong way, and turns back. She also manages to make her way through an area with weak support without taking damage.

Finally, Cora spots some tracks that indicate she’s on to something.

I skimmed the info in the other two sections and decided to stop there because there wasn’t anything in those areas worth risking HP for. Do I usually skim results before deciding to play on. Why yes, I do. Is that cheating? I don’t know, but Cora’s HP thanks me for it. 😊

Hero: Cora Wildclaw

  • HP: 22
  • Amber: 16
  • Virtue: 0

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