Quest Calendar 2024 – Starsday 20 / Sunsday 21, Stormfall

Posted on April 20, 2024

Posted in Quest Calendar 2024

And the members of the mob charge Cora!

This battle was a case of when the rolls went well, they were really good and when they didn’t, they were just shy of what was need to take down the attacker. All in all, Cora was able to defeat 2 of the 4 mobsters, and took 2 points of damage. She also earned only 2 amber for her efforts here.

The remaining mob members then threaten the life of the poor merchant if Cora doesn’t leave.  Doesn’t look like she has a choice but to try to tackle this elsewhere.

Hero: Cora Wildclaw

  • HP: 21
  • Amber: 49
  • Virtue: 2

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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