Quest Calendar 2024 – Thornsday, Stormfall 25

Posted on April 25, 2024

Posted in Quest Calendar 2024

Cora discovers an awful prison full of sick bees.

Quickly, she gets to work freeing them. This was a somewhat redundant page in which you kept going through the same steps over and over until you failed the final step or freed 10 bee helpers. She had pretty good luck because the bonuses were all in her wheelhouse, but I still managed to flub a roll at the end, which caused her to get discovered. She was able to take care of the gang member who found her, but she only helped to free 6 bee helpers in total.

She also took 1 point of HP from being stung along the way.  

Hero: Cora Wildclaw

  • HP: 20
  • Amber: 53
  • Virtue: 2

Quest Calendar created by Sundial Games.

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