Quest Calendar 2024 – Truceday, Summertide 18

Posted on June 18, 2024

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Today, Cora reaches level 4!

Boy am I glad, too. Her level 3 character sheet was getting really cluttered, and this gave me a chance to clean it up on a new sheet.

I put both of her new trait points into her Constitution, since that was her lowest trait at this point, with no bonuses at all. Cora also learns two new abilities:   

  • Lucky – When she rolls a 1 on a D20, she gets to roll again and take the new result! Looks like that’s every time she rolls a 1. I don’t see this limited to once a page or a rest. Nice!
  • Wall of Knives – Add a d6 bonus to Defense rolls twice per rest.

Her Royal Command ability can also be used twice per page now.

I can see, however, she does indeed have the lowest damage output of all the characters. She’s the only 2d8 in the list – everyone else has at least 2d10. I’m not sure if her new skills offset this as she has felt pretty weak to play in terms of damage compared to the heroes I’ve played the past couple years.

This might still turn around eventually, but we’ll have to see how punishing the future fights will be – battles just don’t feel balanced well towards a character with lower damage so far. No amount of points that I put in traits will help if I can’t roll enough damage to take down enemies in normal battles. I really need more equipment with damage bonuses.

Hero: Cora Wildclaw

  • HP: 30
  • Amber: 63
  • Virtue: 5

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