Website Resources

Below are some resources that have helped me build my websites. I hope this list can help you out, too!

Site Templates


A handful of unique layouts that look like they'd make good blog themes!

Create Blog Website Templates

Hundreds of (old) HTML templates to explore. You might have to tweak the code and replace old images.


Lots of various CSS and templates that are free for you to use and modify.

Fool Lovers

A number of oldskool Japanese layouts.


Some very modern-looking, professional and clean layouts.


A variety of layouts - you're sure to learn something from this code!


Free open-source HTML/Java Webcomic Template!

REPTH Themes

A lot of lovely themes for various uses here!

Sadgrl's Layout Builder

Amazing basic layout builder!

Static Ultra

A complete website foundation in one download. Lots of documentation to get you going, too!


Extremely unique collection of templates!

Tentacool's Directory

A bunch of themes that could be used for page or blog templates!

Site Utilities

123 Guestbook

A pretty nice free guestbook system.

The 88x31 GIF Collection

A fantastic collection of 88x31 buttons, many of retro origins.

A.N. Lucas's 88x31 Button Collection

A whole lot of retro buttons going on here!

Ayano's Neocities Comment Widget

A comment section using Google docs as a database.


A very nice JS YouTube player!

Cbox Live Chat

Want a chatbox for your site? Cbox has you covered!

Cool Buttons

I love these CSS-driven buttons and use them all the time!

Font Squirrel Webfont Generator

I use this to convert fonts to use on my websites.


A backend API that handles webforms for any site.


A great source of free vectors and graphics.

Website Out

Decent free web counter for your site with lots of designs to choose from.


Find some retro GIFs for your pages!

HTML Comment Box

A simple and free solution if you just need one or two comment boxes on your site. Makes a great guestbook!


Online blinkie maker!


A nice little blogging system that's perfect for use on Neocities!


Type directly into the text box or copy and paste from word to turn your text into HTML.


Great for if you need to generate a sitemap of your Neocities page.


Absolute Beginner's Guide to Neocities

Everything you need to know to get started on Neocities!

Coding a Favicon for your HTML Blog or Website

A post I wrote about coding a Favicon for your website.

Creating a Social Media Preview Card for an HTML Blog or Page

A post I wrote about coding a social media preview card for your HTML pages.

Creating an RSS Feed for an HTML Blog or Website

A post I wrote about coding an RSS feed for your site - includes preview images in the RSS feed.

Learn How to Make Websites!

Neocities also has a lot of guides on how to create a website.

Making an HTML Contact Form

A post I wrote about coding an email contact form on an HTML page without php.

Neocities RSS HowTo

If you want to create an RSS feed for your Neocities page, this will get you started!

The Easy Way to Add Fonts to Your Website

This is where I learned how to install custom fonts on my sites.


So many amazing tutorials and references. I don't know where I'd be without this site.