Fitting In

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-

So Kip caught wind of a place in town called the EP-XI Imports Gallery, where sims can go to see the latest and greatest inventions and fashion. He decided that maybe plumbots were giving him such trouble because he didn’t really fit in with the new wave…

So the first thing he set out to do was find some new, futuristic clothes.


He pondered what was on display for a bit before choosing it with excitement.


He ordered himself a set right away!


And with a few minor tweaks, Kip now looks like an official person from the future!


With that done, it’s time to explore the rest of the gallery and catch up on the newest fads.


Hmmm… some kind of hover bike. That might be fun. What do you think, Kip?


No? Really? You’re not so hot on the idea?


Okay. Okay. We’ll stick to the hoverboard for now. No need to get anxious.

Kip spent the better part of the day exploring all the other gadgets and gizmos, no doubt, taking ideas back with him for bot making.


Returning to the lounge, Kip practices his laser playing a bit. He’s getting better!


It seems like his new threads and increasing skills are getting him some notice. You better watch out, Kip!


In the meantime, Dialup is learning how to fit in, too. Seems like something’s up between her and Emit…