Yet Another Plumbot

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-

So another morning dawns for Kip in the future. Time to get something to eat. 


Wait… Kip. Is that a good idea? That looks like food the foreign tourists made. It might be a little…



Yeah. Well… once that crisis is overcome, it’s time to do some techy socialization with Dial-Up.


Emit has a new set of challenges for Kip. The first is to go and buy a new plumbot.

But… he already MADE a plumbot! He doesn’t need another! Doesn’t matter. I guess Kip jumped the gun with his bots.

So, Kip heads to the emporium and does some plumbot shopping. He ends up buying the most expensive and highest tech bot on the market. His name is CUL8TR.


Now Emit’s next instruction is for Kip to ask the new plumbot to “Entertain Me.” Only one problem with that… CUL8TR has the sentience trait chip, and being self-aware, refuses to submit himself to demands of that kind.

So Kip has to fiddle with the circuits and remove the trait chip to give the order. What follows is a bunch of dancing.


Since Kip is already at the emporium, he figures he might as well get some tinkering done. He has a bunch of Nanites he found out in the wild, so deconstructing them for their parts would give him more scrap to work with.

Only… his skill level isn’t quite up to snuff.


It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Well, that means it’s time to head home to get cleaned up. Kip takes CUL8TR back with him and does just that.

Emit’s next challenge is to ask a plumbot for a full body massage. So Kip approaches CUL8TR and…


That… looks somewhat painful to me. But apparently Kip enjoyed it. Dial-Up doesn’t seem so thrilled with the new addition, however…