Fang Comes to the Future

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-

Kip's plan to interest his wife, Fang, to the ways of the future must have worked. When Kip returns to the future, Fang comes with him this time. Just like Kip (and maybe moreso), she stumbles into the strange world of new technology.

All Kip wants to do is go to sleep, however.


So rather than exploring this big, brave new world, the first thing Kip and Fang do is go to bed. Fang doesn't seem to mind the futuristic beds one bit.


Excited to be back in the future, Kip wakes up before the sun rises to practice his jetpack flying. Now that he's more advanced with his technology levels, this isn't as dangerous for him to do. There's certainly a big improvement in his skill since the first time he attempted flying.


In the meantime, Fang has found some futuristic clothing and attempts to get her bearings in the strange high-tech world. She starts with the familiar -- talking with her sprite down near the hot tub.


Then, being the social butterfly she is, she begins to make friends among the bots.


Eventually, Fang becomes at ease enough to do some futuristic workouts on the high-tech floaty TV.


In the meantime, Kip continues to push his bot-making skills to new heights. He works late into the afternoons in the shop.


His knowledge and abilities are nearing the highest possible level. However, that doesn't mean he excels in all other areas. :)