Snowman Situation

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters- 

Note: This was all completely autonomous - I did not instruct my Sims to do any of these actions! That's what makes it so funny! :)

Fang decided to build a snowman. That was totally normal and acceptable.


Later that night, Kip must have been impressed by Fang's snowman because he decided to build his own.


A few hours later, Fang comes outside and notices Kip's cheap knock-off of her snowman.


This didn't sit well with her... so she tore Kip's snowman down...


And then proceeded to add insult to injury by building a second snowman next to its remains.


Even later that night, Kip came out to see the damage done to his snowman.

This means war!

Not only did he knock Fang's new snowman down...


...He then sealed his dirty work with an ironic snow angel!


Fang's original snowman remained unscathed until the spring rolled in and melted it.


And that was the end of the snowman wars. I swear, these two shouldn't be allowed in the same house together!