Building Better Plumbots

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters- 

It's spring time again, and that means lots of rain and puddles. Fang seems to be enjoying her time in the future, much the same way she'd enjoy it in the past.


Meanwhile, good weather means that Kip's out searching for nanites for more bot building. He spends a LOT of time out in the wasteland collecting the little mechanic beasties.


But it's worth it. After a lot of time and hard work, Kip finally maxes his bot building skills!


While there's no more long bot building hours for him, he has a new aspiration -- he wants to become the Pioneer of Plumbotics. This will earn him a legacy statue (rather than the guy who is currently there) in his honor if he does. He's such a show-off.


To do this, Kip must travel back to the past and create a special plumbot. This plumbot must be of Future Tech Quality and have a Sentience Trait Chip installed. With all of Kip's hard work, he was already able to create the trait chip, and he was fairly certain he could make the bot.

So, it's time for them to return to the past... where he sets up his own bot building station in the back yard. There, he creates the bot with the specialized requirements to earn the legacy title.


Before Kip can enjoy his victory, however, Emit appears in a flash of hologram light!


Kip's surprised (though he shouldn't be), and worried that something he's done has caused unexpected trouble for the future. Talking with Emit, he discovers this isn't the case... yet. But Emit wants it to be!


Emit asks Kip to help him change the path of the future to a happyland utopia. This sounded like a good idea to Kip. so he agreed to help.