Over the Rainbow

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters- 

When Kip walks through the rainbow portal, he discovers a vastly different, Utopian future.


Multi-colored trees, butterflies everywhere, rainbows stretching across the sky, and giant flowers, which provide the dew that keeps everyone happy. Kip decides to investigate a flower...


Wait, Kip... I don't know if shaking it is a good idea.


See... what did I tell you?


Don't make that face. You did it to yourself.


Why not just harvest dew from the flower, like all the "normal" people do.


After messing around with flowers, Kip goes to the main square. The effect of the happy-land is everywhere he looks.

Everyone struts around with this strange half-dance walk.


People air-emote when talking...


Children are often found playing in all sorts of strange colors...


And, it's considered manly to give yourself hugs. :)


Best of all, Kip discovers that the statue honoring the Pioneer of Plumbotics now displays an image of himself!


While it's been fun to learn about the future and experiment with the technology, Kip decides it's a good time to go home. The future reflects in lovely colors under the rainbowed sky, and he knows that he's brought a strange sort of happiness to his future family.


Thanks for everyone who's read through this series as I've been posting it! For now, I don't have any more Sims 3 adventures stashed away. But I'm looking forward to Sims 4, and might write something like this again, once that's released!