Sojourn Stables: Horses of Black Desert Online



I am Aywren Sojourn and I aspire to be a horse tamer and breeder in Black Desert Online. Because BDO doesn’t have a way to track lineage within the game, I decided to create a family tree of my own, starting with the original founders that I captured from the wild.

I also wanted to make note of resources that have helped me along the way.


Sojourn Stables Lineage

As of March 31, 2021, I bred the first T8 horse in my family linage – a little over 5 years after I started. Note, I took a break from BDO for a few years, though! So it didn’t really take THAT long.

On April 24, 2021, she became a Courser and is on the road to Dream Horse Awakening!

The fun thing is that thanks to my breeding spreadsheet below, I have successfully traced this horse back to the very first pair of wild horses that I ever caught on both side of her family!