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EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha Testing Adventures: Patch 2/7/14


The first big patch for EverQuest Next Landmark brought a number of important changes (and a fun funny bugs). I don’t want to go over all the patch notes, but I do want to talk about the ones that I feel are progressing the game in better ways, especially in light of previous posts.

Burled wood planks now require only 60 burled wood logs to craft (down from 100). Some people may wonder why this gets top billing on today’s update notes… Other people completely understand.

Ah yes, infamous burled wood. It’s hard to get, and previously, you needed 100 pieces for a single plank. Given that most tools and major items require it, dropping the required amount of wood to 60 is a step in the right direction.

How rough was it previously? Rough enough to get its own music video…

We have completely overhauled the claim placement. The previous version and display were difficult to understand when an island became saturated with claims and finding an open spot that was available was almost impossible. We will continue to iterate on the new version but wanted to get it out to everyone to help them find open claims in the world.

Definitely a huge and needed improvement here. You can now toggle a “Show Claimable Land” option that displays non-claimable land in red on the map. Here’s a before and after of this change:

Before and After of EverQuest Next Landmark Claim Maps

 You can now type numbers (instead of having to use the up/down buttons) to set the desired number when splitting stacks of items or when crafting multiple items.

Oh, thank you so much for this! You don’t know how much of a pain it was to make 100 of anything (clicking up arrow 100 times)…

People can no longer harvest trees on a claim. Tree houses are once again safe!

This was one of those fixes that didn’t quite work. Not only can you still harvest trees on claims, now you can’t properly right-click and delete them from your claim anymore. This makes building impossible for me right now… as I have a huge tree that has decided to grow right up through my doorway. Hopefully, they’ll look into this bug this week, but the sooner the better! Chop trees down or try to remove them, and they just keep coming back! Akk!

Tree growing up through my doorway.

I’ve run into an assortment of interesting bugs along the way, like this one…

Norrath has Two Suns?

But I’m also starting to discover a lot of neat player creations. I found this desert home as I was mining last night (not my creation).

Desert Home in EverQuest Next Landmark

I went inside the house to see how the camera handles indoor, confined areas. It does well.

Inside an EverQuest Next Landmark Player-Built House

Someone is hoping for indoor plumbing soon… (Not my creation)

Giant Toilet in EverQuest Next Landmark

A really neat “EverQuest” mural I discovered. Because they used gems, it has a glowy effect at night! (Not my creation)

EverQuest Mural in Landmark

As for my progress, I finally build a Marble Forge for my claim. I also crafted up to a Viridium Pickaxe. I got super-lucky on my first craft to get a Swift, and man, can I tell the difference from previous tools! I’m in love!


I’m looking forward to some of the fixes this week and will keep updating and discussing the progression of EverQuest Next Landmark as alpha continues.


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