FFXIV: Important Casual Stuff

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Aywren

So far, I’ve really enjoyed FFXIV patch 2.2! While other folks have been off challenging Levi, I’ve been doing the important (casual) stuff. You know, like unlocking Ventures, opening my Challenge Log and learning new dances. Oh, and cleaning up my hunting log for Zuri. 

But seriously, the challenge log alone is a wonderful step forward for us slow, casual levelers. It’s somewhat like GW2 dailies, except it’s a weekly, and I don’t feel so cramped and rushed to get it done. It also gives a sample of many types of play including crafting, fishing, fates and just using your chocobo companion. 

Speaking of which, it’s soooooooo much better now that we can ride our chocobos while summoned as companions! 

It’s also nice to see people out there playing fates again. I know some folks don’t enjoy fates as much as I do, but I’m thankful for anything that makes them easier to complete on my lowbie classes. I even snagged the Tiny Rat minion tonight after clearing Highbridge Fates for the first time in months. 

So far, good patch from a casual point of view. Need the rest of the dances!