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Halloween 2014: The Secret World Brings Awesome Back

Posted on October 31

Halloween just wouldn’t be right without creepy events from The Secret World. Being that it’s a horror MMO, Halloween is like TSW’s Christmas in terms of content release. And that’s the way we like it.

FFXIV 2.4 Patch: Rogue Deluge

Posted on October 29

I’ve been waiting on the 2.4 release of the new FFXIV class – ROG/NIN – and so far, the patch has not disappointed. I’ve taken a break from FFXIV for the past few months, so coming back to the game to see so many people leveling is a fun and refreshing change of pace.

Steam Challenge: Haunt the House: Terrortown

Posted on October 28

A little Halloween fun while reviving my Steam Challenge this week! It’s hard to review Haunt the House: Terrortown because I want to like all that’s there. I just find it lacking in content.

Halloween 2014: ArcheAge Hallowtide is… Hollow

Posted on October 27

Maybe I shouldn’t complain since ArcheAge being launched so soon, I didn’t expect a Halloween event of any kind at all. I was surprised and curious when they announce Hallowtide, since this was the first in-game event I’ll experience in ArcheAge.

Resolved! When ArcheAge Decides You’re No Longer a Patron (Though You Paid For It)

Posted on October 22

I was going to wait to blog about my newest frustration with ArcheAge, but seeing I don’t know if this is going to be resolved quickly, I might as well blog out my annoyance.

Halloween 2014: Guild Wars 2 Blood and Meh-Ness

Posted on October 22

Halloween in Guild Wars has been a part of my gaming life since the very first appearance of the Mad King in GW1. I was a huge fan of the quirky fun and antics the Mad King brought every year. I loved the hats, the jokes, and especially the Mad King Says. There was always a bit of evil glee in watching those folks who didn’t quite know how the game went flub up and die (only to be brought back again).

Halloween 2014: FFXIV All Saints’ Wake

Posted on October 21

I adore Halloween — the spooky/kooky atmosphere. The fun, the costumes, the candy and the weird. I love participating in Halloween in various games that I play, as well. I decided this year I’d cover each of the events that I participate in.

Bragtoberfest: Level 50 & How I Accidentally Made a Lot of Gold in ArcheAge

Posted on October 20

This will likely be my final brag for the month since I’m not sure what else I can do in ArcheAge to top what happened this weekend. I’ll be focusing on Halloween events (FFXIV, GW2, TSW, etc), and doubt there’s much to brag about there. Also have a trip IRL this weekend, so lots to keep me busy and away from blogging!

Further Adventures in ArcheAge

Posted on October 17

I haven’t had a chance to detail my recent adventures in ArcheAge now that I have completed my first goal of building a farmhouse. I spent a lot of time over the past weekend experimenting and figuring out what I needed to grow and raise to do things like complete the farmer workbench daily quest and trade runs in my area.

Open World PvP and the Psychology of a Carebear

Posted on October 13

ArcheAge has opened up a can in the MMO community, being the spark of many PvP/Anti-PvP conversations. This seems to be because there are a number of folks who want the kind of sandbox AA is, but they don’t want the PvP that comes with the sand. I completely understand this, because I am in the same camp. I don’t, however, let that sully my fun and prevent me from taking part in the AA experience.

Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge Thatched Farmhouse Complete!

Posted on October 10

This is a brag that I’ve had to be very patient to obtain, and is a real and true brag for me. I finished building my thatched farm house in ArcheAge last night!

Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge Executioner

Posted on October 7

I don’t know what it is about ArcheAge. I don’t find anything about the game to be absolutely amazing, yet, I log in each day, work towards my goals, stick around in world longer than I mean to, and usually have fun doing what I’m doing. That’s a good thing, right?

Bragtoberfest: Progress in The Secret World

Posted on October 6

Last week marked another accomplishment for me: After two years, I have finally finished the Egypt zones in The Secret World.

Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge – Hands Across the Water

Posted on October 2

In my previous post for Bragtoberfest, I noted that this week’s ultimate goal was to earn the scarecrow farm in ArcheAge. This is a quest that requires you to create a trade pack in your home land and travel across the war-zone ocean into enemy territory to attempt to deliver it. Actually, to complete the quest, you only have to get within a certain radius of the trader NPC. Turning it in is actually a bonus.

Sims 4 – Turning It Around

Posted on October 1

It’s been almost a month since Sims 4 released and I’m still cheerfully posting my Sim adventures on my Simblr. You may have heard that there was a bit of grouch thrown at EA and Maxis, mostly due to the things the base game left out. Well, much to our surprise, it seems the team is working to turn that all around.

Welcome Bragtoberfest 2014!

Posted on October 1

October is one of my favorite times of year. I love fall. I love Halloween. So it’s a perfect time to join in a fall gaming fun festival with other bloggers, dubbed Bragtoberfest.