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My Creative & Gaming Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Welcome to 2015!

I’m just getting back and settled in from my road trip vacation, so I’m a little late in the well-wishing. But I still hope you had a great holiday and an uplifting new year!

Last year, I didn’t really write out any resolutions, so this year, I wanted to think about some new habits and directions I want to go in, creative and game wise. I tend to leave my personal goals and resolutions private, so I’ll just focus on the kind of things I want to do that are more related to this blog.

I do want to note that overall, I achieved a big goal last year in maintaining this blog and writing for it regularly. I think it was a huge help to widen out the type of topics I could blog about. Dubbing it a “geek blog” allowed me to write about games, webcomics, fantasy, writing and anything that fell under that umbrella.

It was also a big help to open the blog to co-bloggers who had a similar tone, interest and outlook on blogging. While we did have some authors who chose to contribute a few posts and go their own way, it was always neat to see posts magically “appearing” about games and topics I wouldn’t have tackled on my own. I’ve been nudging a few folks to join our blog (I’m looking at you Syn), but overall, I think this year will see us maintain a selective number of writers.

Some 2015 Goals

Continue Blogging Consistently – This has been my most successful run at blogging thus far. This blog will celebrate a year’s worth of posts this month! While I’ve always blogged on and off over the years, I feel most comfortable with the setup we have here, and look forward to seeing how we can further expand and learn.

Read and Respond to More Stuff – I want to read more stuff written by friends and fellow bloggers. I already started that last year as I set up my RSS feed with numerous blogger feeds from those I’ve met over the past year. I’ve definitely been reading more blog posts as a result. While I’m traditionally a lurker, I also pushed myself to respond to posts that interested me or prompted me to comment. This year, however, I really want to engage in the great community of gaming bloggers out there, as well as pay respects to fellow online fiction writers by becoming more involved in reading their series. I’ve been kinda lousy about that over the past few years, struggling with maintaining a balance between my own projects and support projects of other people.

Fiction writing I really want to catch up on includes:

Artwork from my Story, Runne
Artwork from my Story, Runne

Get Back Into the Groove With My Own Writing – Last year was somewhat a fail year for writing fiction for me. It helps that I blogged enough that I didn’t get totally rusty, however aside from the half NaNo I did at Camp NaNo last year for Shadows of Zot, I didn’t produce anything new. I was stuck on the plot of Runne so badly I didn’t even attempt to write for it, though I did try to produce a lot of chapter art at the beginning of last year. Brainstorming sessions over this holiday season have un-stuck me for Runne in a very good way. So I hope to tackle a few Camp NaNos this year and get back to producing art for the old chapters to bring the site up to date.

Finally Release the New Secret Project – Syn and I have been working on a new project for over two years now. The site is ready to go, the writing is in place. I’ve just stalled out due to being too lazy to tackle the last pieces of art that I need to complete the first chapter. Aside from that, it could have been released last March. Ugh! Might put this on priority and just get it out there!

BlogΒ More about Writing – I really got tunnel vision last year when I found that blogging about games got a pretty strong response. This year, I’d like to expand on my blogging topics a bit more to include some non-gaming content. I’m glad Al was around to balance out all my gaming stuff with his great RP and tabletop posts!

Be More Involved in the Awesome Gaming Blogger Community – I started that when I joined the Newbie Blogging Initiative last year. While I wasn’t technically a newbie at blogging, it was a great way to meet other bloggers and introduce this blog to other folks. I also tried to participate with other events like Bloggy Christmas and Bragtober Fest. I hooked up with folks on Anook and started using my Twitter account more regularly. I want to keep doing these things, and maybe even push to interact more, especially on social networks.

Tackle my Steam Backlog – I started doing this last year with my Personal Steam Challenge, and I need to keep working on it this year. I think I might try to set more solid limits on this, such as try one new game every week for just a few hours.

Concentrate on Fewer MMOs – Last year, I was all over the place with trying new MMOs, with a varied response.

  • I opted into Landmark‘s Alpha (which I still need to play more).
  • I beta tested ESO and Wildstar, neither which hooked me.
  • I piddled around in Trove Alpha (which I still need to play more).
  • I almost tried Rift, but chose not to at the last moment.
  • I delved into ArcheAge for a few months, much to my dismay.
  • I tried out World of Warcraft while it was on sale just to experience the game in its newest incarnation.
  • I was prompted to try to return to EverQuest 2 but… I don’t know. This latest expansion sounded like a mess.
  • The GW2 living story season 2 remains unfinished for me – I really tried to like it, but I continue to find it hard to get into. I’m just logging in there to get the new daily log-in rewards now.
Zuri in her ilvl 90 armor

After all that, I saw a pattern emerging:

  1. I’m loathe to play another sub game because I’m already subbed to FFXIV.
  2. I keep trying all these random games, especially sandboxes, hoping to find something to hook me, but I keep going back to FFXIV.

I guess that means my main MMO remains FFXIV going into 2015. So I really need to…

Focus on End Game Progression in FFXIV – Before the expansion comes out! I have hardly scratched the surface of post-level-50 content on either of my characters. I kinda ran out of steam playing FFXIV last summer, and now I’m so behind on the main storyline I have no idea what’s going on. I have a ton of stuff to do before the new expansion comes out… and I’m looking forward to the pre-expansion updates. Especially the Gold Saucer!

Wow… this is a huge and daunting list. I think I better stop here before my inspiration turns to fear! ^^;

Do you have some creative/blogging/gaming resolutions for this year? Let me hear them!Β 


I'm a technical writer by day, gaming gal by night. I have a wide array of gaming interests, though I most often blog about MMOs, RPGs, and Nintendo fanstuffs. Like what you just read? Check out my Webcomic and Fantasy Fiction projects!

20 thoughts on “My Creative & Gaming Resolutions for 2015

  1. It certainly looks like you have quite the list for yourself! πŸ˜€ Glad you’ve enjoyed my posts–and glad to see Chronicles of Draezoln on your to-read list. It always needs more pairs of eyes to tell me when I have (again) failed to explain things well enough for people other than me to understand what’s going on. =P

    Also, ooooooooooo secret project! πŸ˜€


    1. I’m sure your stories are great! I do remember reading through some of it a good while back and enjoying what I read.


      1. I think the story’s good, it’s just a first draft that needs a lot of work. =P Honestly, what’s up there is straight from my head to the keyboard, no editing or revision.


  2. Sometimes typing out a comment in response to something interesting someone else has written turns into a blog post. I like to think of it as an additional source of inspiration for content creation.

    If I had to choose one MMO to subscribe to, it would be Final Fantasy 14. It’s a class act all around.


    1. I agree! I did that a few times last year, too – spinning off an article from someone else’s article. I love when I can inspire someone else to write a post as well. πŸ™‚

      FFXIV is, indeed, a class act. With the expansion coming later this year, it’s only going to get better.


  3. Nice to see my blog mentioned here. I have to admit that it’s horribly outdated, though. The latest versions of my two main stories are not up there and the sequel to one is on hold while I work on the sequel to the other…

    If you’re looking for more writers, I did have a few thoughts recently. However, I’m not sure if anyone is interested in video game geography (and how awkward it tends to be).


    1. I haven’t seen anyone write about video game geography, so it would be neat to hear what you have to say. Just let me know if you’re interested in blogging and the offer is open to you!

      Is there a story on your site I should read first or concentrate on? I understand the feeling of having outdated stuff posted. While I don’t mind it, as a writer, I know you probably do!


      1. I noticed as well that it’s a topic that is rarely touched upon, which is why I thought it might be nice to do so, but also made me wonder if anyone cares.

        As for my stories, there’s not really a particular order beyond the obvious one implied in ‘part 1’ and ‘part 2’. Chronologically, ‘Mask of Shadow’ takes place about 2 years before ‘Fate’s Foreword’ but their settings are different. It really shouldn’t matter in which order you read them. ‘Miller’s Ashes’ is a substory of ‘Fate’s Foreword’ and entirely concluded therein.

        As mentioned, I have edits for both ‘Fate’s Foreword’ and ‘Mask of Shadow’ which are not online. But if you’re eager to start reading, I can place both a bit higher on the to-do list.


        1. I know that I have read the beginning of the Mask of Shadow, and provided some feedback on that story. I’d love to see the updated version and how you’ve revised since I read the original. No rush on it, though. I have more than enough things to hold me over until you can get it posted up.

          I’d be interested in reading about video game geography. As I said before, you’re welcome to join us with a blogging account here. Just say the word!


        2. Ok, you’ve convinced me. I’m not sure yet whether I should go for a thematic approach or discuss games as separate cases, but I’ll try to write something soon.


        3. Don’t stress too much about it. Just have fun. πŸ™‚

          I’ve sent you all the information you’ll need for starting and editing your account. Let me know if you need anything else. We have a messaging system within the WordPress for direct internal contact.


        4. Right, so with links to my blog suddenly plastered all over Sygnus (that’s how it feels, at least), I figured it’d get it up-to-date sooner, rather than later. I have the latest versions of both my stories online now (Though Fate’s Foreword really could do with some streamlining in the first part).


        5. That’s great to know! I’m certainly going to make time to read your work as soon as I can! I look forward to seeing your revisions. πŸ™‚


        6. I just realized that I didn’t always make use of the feedback you provided earlier. So feel free to beat me over the head with reminders.


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