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WildStar: Free-To-Play Announcement Trailer – YouTube

Posted on May 28

Glad they waited until the fall to do this – smart seeing that Heavensward is a summer release. I’ll probably still be busy with Heavensward, but I will likely revisit WildStar for the F2P transition.

H1Z1 Funny Man-Head Bug

Posted on May 28

I logged in to H1Z1 on my female character after yesterday’s patch to find something…. interesting has happened… to… “her.”

Weekend Highlights: Crafting Forever in FFXIV, Base Building in H1Z1, More Windward!

Posted on May 26

I’m just coming off a three day weekend, which is always tough to do. For all the time off, I didn’t really do anything super exciting in the gaming world. I think part of that is just that lull before the expansion in FFXIV.

#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge 4: The Seven Gaming Sins

Posted on May 26

The original questionnaire can be found at the NBI blog. I thought this was an interesting exploration of gamer virtue and vice.

Steam Challenge: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Posted on May 25

Fifteen years ago, back in 2000, Majesty was first released for the PC. I bought the game and loved it instantly, putting many hours into it, always thinking that it really deserved more attention than it got.

#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge 3: What Made You A Gamer?

Posted on May 22

Can someone have just always been a gamer? As in, it was just part of who they were, something just waiting to be discovered? I don’t have any other explanation for it, because there was never a moment I can point back to that “made” me a gamer. It was just something I was.

FFXIV Heavensward: Job Actions Reveal

Posted on May 22

Yesterday, I managed to catch the FFXIV Letter from the Producer live Twitch stream that detailed upcoming changes to classes for Heavensward. Not only are we getting three brand new classes, but we’re also getting a level cap raise, which means new skills for existing classes.

GW2: Lion’s Arch Construction Nears Completion

Posted on May 20

I’m honestly not so sure how I feel about this new LA concept. It’s been almost a year or so since they tore the old city down, and I really did like the feeling of the pirate ships and wood bridges.

#NBI2015Safari Epic Achievement: Steps of Faith Win

Posted on May 18

Steps of Faith is the final trial at the end of the FFXIV 2.5 main scenario storyline. It is required that you complete this trial to see the end of the story and to eventually access the Heavensward expansion when it releases next month.

Gaming Weekend Highlights: FFXIV, Landmark, H1Z1, Windward

Posted on May 18

How was your weekend? Got much gaming in? I did a little bit of a lot of things, I suppose, and here’s my highlights!

#NBI2015 Tips: Connecting to the Blogging Community

Posted on May 15

You’re all revved up to take part in this year’s Newbie Blogging Initiative. You’ve done the sign-up. Folks have welcomed you. You’re blogging stuff. It’s moving right along.

GoG Galaxy First Impressions

Posted on May 14

Last week, I joined the GoG Galaxy beta. GoG Galaxy is an in-development optional client, similar to the Steam client, that gives you access to your GoG game library. It has a nice list of convenient features, most of what you’d hope for from a GoG client.

Revisiting Landmark

Posted on May 13

Last year, I took part in the Landmark Alpha and Beta, and covered a lot of the initial changes to the game as it developed.

Steam Challenge: Prison Architect

Posted on May 12

I picked up Prison Architect back during the Steam Winter Sale because I heard a lot of good things about it. Recently, Doone posted about experiences with the game in what is a much more thoughtful post than this will be.

#NBI2015Safari – High Fantasy. Literally.

Posted on May 11

This week’s entry for the #NBI2015Safari is in the theme of high fantasy.

Moving Away from Tumblr: Creating a RSS Dashboard

Posted on May 11

Again, I’m going to reference my frustrations with Tumblr, and my attempt to use this as a microblogging platform. My current goal is to distance myself from Tumblr, the ads, and the popularity contests that go on there. But the first concern anyone has is breaking the addiction of the Tumblr dashboard.

#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge: Early Access and Kickstarter

Posted on May 11

This week, NBI asked: Early Access and Kickstarter – Do you support unfinished games?

Wayrift Speed Ink 5-10-15

Posted on May 10

Inking next week’s Wayrift pages.

#NBI2015Safari – Introducing GW2 Kneel Face Selfies

Posted on May 8

Shortly after GW2 was released, an European friend of mine, Mr. Charming Charr, blogged about something fun. If you have a charr character, you use the /kneel emote, and you twist your camera in just the right way, you can view the interesting “smiling” expression your charr makes.

H1Z1: Weiner!

Posted on May 8

Last night, my zombie troop and I were hanging out in our little huts and minding our own business. Some other player kept hovering around our camp, and while he wasn’t doing anything wrong, there was always the risk he could slip into one of our huts when we opened the door and rob us. He’d also follow us around and from time to time, punch at us ineffectively.

NBI Tips: A Non-Techy Intro to RSS, Feed Readers, and Why They’re Important to Bloggers

Posted on May 8

So you’re a newcomer or wayward blogger who’s joining us for this NBI! You’ve taken the first step and posted your hellos on the forum, and people are talking to you, taking interest in your blog!

Funny H1Z1 Ban Notices

Posted on May 7

Somedays the ban notifications are the best.

Revisiting H1Z1

Posted on May 6

This past week, my zombie hunting troop has decided to revisit H1Z1 after months of letting it build up its alpha state. The newest patch added in female avatars amongst other things, and wiped all the servers. So, we felt it was a good time to see what has changed since our initial experiences.

Steam Challenge: Analogue: A Hate Story

Posted on May 5

Warning: This post will contain spoilers. There’s no way I can write about this and beat around the bush.

Gaming Weekend Highlights: H1Z1, Sims 4, FFXIV, More!

Posted on May 4

I continue to throw a bit of variety into my gaming sessions this week, mostly working on single player games. I wanted to do what I call “gift week” this week (since Saturday is my birthday).

FFXIV: The Japanese Horror Story

Posted on May 2

There will be spoilers for folks who haven’t played Tam Tara Deepcroft Hard Mode.

New or Aspiring Gaming Blogger? The Newbie Blogger Initiative Can Help!

Posted on May 1

Last year, this blog was a Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI) initiate. This year, we’re a sponsor!