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Black Desert Character Creator


Finally, last night my Internet stopped being a butt and was fast enough to allow me to finish the huge download of the Black Desert character creator. I already knew what class I was interested in, so I was giving the game a chance to win me over via creation and art before I made a choice to pre-order or not. Overall, I was pretty impressed by what the character creator can do.

Now, the one bummer for Black Desert is that classes limit you to a certain gender and style. For example, Witches can only be female, but there is a male counterpart, the Wizard. The problem with Wizards is that they are only old human males – it’s impossible to make a young male wizard, which kinda bites. The biggest complaints I’ve heard about the character creator are those age and gender limitations. I have a funny feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more sassy young Witches than Wizards. Just a hunch.


The class I am interested in, Tamer, seems to be leaning towards some kind of Korean lolita style (whatever that would be called), which I promptly put an end to by attempting to make my character taller (by stretching some areas of the body) and the head longer. She still has a lot of childlike qualities, which is fine with me, and I might tweak her some more on down the line. But I was able to get a character that I liked.


I was impressed by the kind of details I could get, right down to adjusting hair length, curl and individual hair clump shapes. I loved that there are three different channels of color for hair (I was impressed by FFXIV’s 2), so I was able to gradient some really neat colors in my character’s hair! Eyes were another very detailed area – you can make some darn freaky eyes with this thing. In contrast, there’s some really pretty combinations you can make, too.

Another nice thing about the Tamer is that being a younger-looking character, it reduced the apparently-important boob jiggle physics that I saw on other female avatars.


No thanks!


Overall, I liked what I saw and could honestly get lost in the character creator for hours, I’m sure. So, that being the final thing I wanted to check out, I did go ahead and purchase the $30 pre-order for Black Desert, and will be joining the game at launch (hopefully pre-launch). While I still have reservations, I’m willing to take my chance on a buy to play game at that price point to try it out. I purposely chose a package that didn’t give me beta access because I want the experience to be new at launch.

We’ll see how it goes.



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7 thoughts on “Black Desert Character Creator

  1. Good to see you have decided- although that was clear by the end of yesterday’s post. I’ll be joining you soon ™.

    And i sincerely hope you’ll like it and it doesn’t get ruined like that other game.


      1. Human-type characters are boring. they at least need to turn into giant jaguars or have talking bird companions. =P

        (Referring to a couple of my recent Pathfinder characters, of course)


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