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FFXIV: 60 Fisher and Half a Dragoon


The weather don’t stop this fishing kitty!

So, I hit level 60 Fisher in FFXIV on Monday night, which is my first level 60 gathering class. One more achievement closer to Mentor status!

I’m still working on gathering collectables at this point, and now have a little over 100. It’s going to take some time, and I’m not sure if I can get it done before the patch drops, but it’s all good. I also need to work on my crafting collectables seeing that I still need Weaver Book III as well as the 100 crafting collectables achievement.

So much to do!

After a pretty good Stone Vigil run as daily roulette (woo, no more Brayflox!), I also reached level 45 Dragoon. This is the level where the game’s quests give you only part of your artifact armor. So, now Zuri’s going to run around looking like some strange half-Dragoon conglomeration for five more levels! XD


One of my quests led me up to a specific overlook in Coerthas. I’d forgotten about the location, but had to take a moment to visit an old friend.


Syn and I also had a very taxing Void Ark run last night. While we completed it without any raid wipes, it came very close. It was so hectic that the healers hardly got any time to DPS, and I was really pushing myself hard to keep people alive. I think I learned a LOT from that, though.

I still need more practice healing, but I’m starting to feel comfortable with the basics. I’m still nowhere near the learned skill that Syn has… but that comes with time and application, and she’s had years of it.



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One thought on “FFXIV: 60 Fisher and Half a Dragoon

  1. I healed Garuda Story Mode on my daughter’s character last night and it went smooth as silk. I learned from that that either I’m actually a pretty good healer or we just had awesome players along on that run… or both?

    Makes me think I could actually do ok healing on my main character in some of the “challenging” content. I may actually give it a try.

    Gratz on 60 Fisher!


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