FFXIV: Monk Life

I reached my goal of level 55 on my Dragoon this weekend, and am still working on getting my Monk to 50 before the month is over. Last night, I hit level 46, which means I’m rocking out half a set of neon yellow Monk artifact armor at this point. I’ve mostly done Leveling Roulette mixed with a bit of FATE runs to achieve about a level each night.

However, my real concern is the fact I have no idea what the level 50 rotation looks like for Monk, much less what the rest of it looks like further on. So I’m not sure that I’ll know what I’m doing once I do finally get to level 50 instances. I guess I’ll just have to practice on Crystal Tower and the like.

In other news, Vix and Xaa joined our FC over the weekend, and both got their first job change! They also unlocked their chocobo companion and changed the feather colors to their liking. Progression for new players is pretty fast these days.

We’re also considering (very like to go through with) a FC tag change. Our FC name (Knights of Memory) and FC tag (Guard) were chosen by the original FC creators. However, I’ve had feedback (and agree) that while knights may guard things, there’s a bit of a disconnect between the two. Add to that the fact that 5 other FCs use the tag Guard on our server… including one that was rolled last week. I keep seeing people running around with the same FC tag, but a part of a different FC, and that’s a bit confusing.

I put it out for feedback from the FC, and most of the answers have no problem changing it to something simple like “KoM.” I have a feeling that’s where it’ll be going shortly.

Hanging out at the FC house.