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FFXIV: Patch 3.3 Notes Highlights (IMHO)


As always, I’m taking a moment to highlight the things that excite or confuse me from the newest preliminary patch notes. I’m not touching on the expected content, like dungeons and raids. This focuses more on features and changes.

The YAY!!! Things


The more Hildibrand, the better!


Yes! Time to finish up those crafting three crafting classes that I haven’t leveled to 60!


Oh, very good! I need to go back to doing Ixali quests now.


Incentive to go back and finish those beast tribe reps I never did finish with Zuri.


Aw, yeah! Even more reason to keep racing my chocobo!


Very good! It doesn’t effect me, but for new players, this is a needed change!


Holy wow! This is a significant change! 😮


Tears. Of. Joy. People. 

I can’t express to you how happy this made me. If these buffs are as good as I hope they are, I may be going back to Bard on Zuri again! I still have to deal with WM, but with a nice damage buff, I feel like I can try to gear up and play this class again.

It feels so nice to think I might get Zuri’s identity back, because I’ve been in such an awful flux since HW with her. I’ll leave all this gushing for another post, though.


This doesn’t effect me, but it’s a happy thing for machinists.


Good for farming Eso when dailies are done.


Nice feature! Thanks!


I’ve needed this for years. But why is this a toggle box and not just default for searching? 😮


This is awesome! 😀


Was just discussing the fact that you couldn’t hide quests from the log with someone the other day. Someone must have heard me.


Super important when you wear Amon’s Hat like I do!


This is something that I didn’t even know I needed.

The OK! Things


I’m pretty much done running these crystals, but anything that increases FATE activity gets an upvote from me.


This actually looks pretty cool. No reason not to pick them up.


It’s a cute, decorative idea. Not sure how much I’ll get into this, though. Especially since soil is a pain to get.


I’m glad we’re getting new housing plots and some adjustments, but it’s still not the real changes that we need for housing.


Thank you! I hope that fixes the weird directional music stuff going on with these.


More hair is always welcome. I might try that first one on Tai and see if it fits him.


I’ll believe it when I see it. >_>


This is good for folks who don’t have crafting jobs high enough to meld their own materia.


Very nice!




Great idea. I’m not sure that I’ll use it, but I’m sure someone will be!

The Meh Things


I understand why, but still a bit of a meh for encouraging anyone to run Void Ark after this.


This is alright, I guess. But it doesn’t really help address any of the underlying issues with the Mentor system and just makes it feel more complex.


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6 thoughts on “FFXIV: Patch 3.3 Notes Highlights (IMHO)

  1. Hmmm so will there be enough housing for everyone now? This is one of the few reasons that I left the game sadly. Especially being someone that has played ffxiv since the very first 1.0 beta. Very sad too cause no other game (mmo or single player) has the kind of crafting that ffxiv has and I have tried quite a few. I got 3 crafts to cap before Reborn then before I left got all crafts and gathering jobs to max. Would love to come back to do crafting again but not until they really fix this housing debacle. I left maybe a month after the housing was first introduced.

    Glad you are enjoying it tho, happy that you put this up so I can see the updates on housing to decided whether to come back again.


    1. Sadly, no. It won’t make much of a dent in the housing issue. It’s still players vs. FC trying to grab the same plots, and not enough for everyone. The prices did go down on larger servers, but also went up on smaller servers.

      I hear they’re planning on implementing apartments in Ishgard in the future. But we don’t really have any information on how that works yet. I’ll post about it if/when it happens for sure. 🙂


  2. I just read through all the things myself and as I saw things I’d paste them into an IM convo with a friend who also plays. Here’s what jumped out at me:

    DAMMIT!!! Reputation points awarded for completing the Amalj’aa, Sylph, Sahagin, Kobold, and Ixali beast tribe daily quests have been increased.
    I just barely finished a 3-month grind through all of those
    and now it will be faster
    which is actually good becuz my daughter wants the goobue mount
    The location of aether currents in all areas has been adjusted.
    Aether currents will now be placed in locations more easily accessed when progressing through main scenario and sidequests.

    ??? it’s not hard now, why was this considered necessary? sheesh. now I’m a bittervet…….
    After falling out of bounds during The Navel, The Navel (Hard), or The Navel (Extreme), the camera will now return to the center of the battlefield.

    That’s actually cool. Will let people who fall still see the battle progress instead of the ground where they fell
    2:51 PM

    The accuracy of the average wait time displayed after registering for a duty has been adjusted.

    That will be nice. Even this morning I got an average of 9 minutes showing, but waited nearly 20 minutes

    (a non-pasted aside — I’m with you…. I’ll believe it when I see it)
    Players can now hide quests from their duty list. <– yay! several quests in my log I don't intend to do for a while and they always show up on the right and they bug me…..

    And there's my mini-post about the patch notes, but in your comments instead of on my blog….


    1. Yeah, I thought about you when I read about the increased rep rates for beast tribes. XD Go go for the Gobbue mount 2nd round!


  3. I’m glad to know I’ll actually be marginally competitive in DPS after the patch. XD

    Honestly, the increase to DoT is probably the most significant there, given how many ticks you’re usually applying to enemies. The decreased song cast time is nice, too–less opportunity cost.


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