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FFXIV: Tai’s New Look


As expected, I’ve gone back to playing Tai for the new patch and a round at gearing up and clearing content. I didn’t work on earning Lore Tomes, but I was just a few short of earning my chestpiece, so we unlocked and finished Hullbreaker’s Hard tonight. I got Tai’s Slipstream chestpiece, which is interesting and certainly different from the previous mail he was wearing.

I’m also trying out one of the new hairstyles on him. I’ve not decided if I’m going to keep it or not… it’s hard to change a character when he was a certain way for 2 and a half years! This hair is a little more wild and emo, but it was kinda a bummer to have the same hairstyle so many other people choose when rolling a male Midlander.

Zeb and Tai being dorqs.

I finally did have the time to watch that final cutscene for Heavensward, and I’m pleased with how the story ended. I now have a little Amyeric to follow me everywhere too!

Tai of very mis-matched armor!


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2 thoughts on “FFXIV: Tai’s New Look

  1. Gratz on the new armor! I did the lore grind on my Summoner job so I’m at the max i229 for that right now, but I’m still hitting greed on every roll through Hullbreaker and Sohr Kai becuz the rest of my jobs are in the 195-205 range right now so the i215 gear from the new dungeons is a big upgrade for them. As you say, it makes for some mismatched looks, but I’m fine with that — it’s how it performs, not how it looks, after all. Though looking good is a definite bonus….


    1. Thanks!

      I was really happy about the new dungeon drops. Did Hullbreaker last night and scooped up a number of pieces for Tai’s Paladin on the side.


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