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FFXIV: Adventures of the Kitty Dragoon


I don’t know what’s possessed me to continue upgrading Zuri’s Dragoon last night. I had a ton of Eso, which I could have used for Relic stuff, but instead bought the Dragoon weapon and three accessory upgrades for Dragoon (despite having a pretty geared up Dragoon already). The flip side to this was while running Void Ark this week, I felt a whole lot stronger. XD

Still, when I get a Lore upgrade or drops from Weeping City, those always go to Bard. And Tai does his own runs for Dragoon drops. But Zuri is slowly catching up with Tai’s gear level, which is concerning.

Why have two Dragoons? I don’t know. Cuz I like it?

I also unlocked Ninja finally on Zuri this week.


And a FC group decided to come run with Syn and I to see the story in Tam Tara Hard Mode, after my post from yesterday. We did a synced version, and while the dungeon wasn’t overly hard, I could see how that last fight would have been a challenge back in the day.


Our FC has also been slightly addicted to doing maps and popping the Aquapolis. Last night, we reached the 7th Chamber yet again! Woot!

"Anyone see the treasure?" "It's not over here!"
“Anyone see the treasure chest?” “It’s not over here!”


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2 thoughts on “FFXIV: Adventures of the Kitty Dragoon

  1. Congrats! And her armor looks nice too!

    I’m doing daily experts anymore so I’m winning i215 gear on greed rolls so there’s really not a lot of point to me using my Eso’s for anything… but I still spend them anyway. It’s not like I’m doing anything else with them, ya know? Just got my last job up to an i200 average this morning — Dragoon, wouldn’t you know it? Or maybe DRG is 201 now and Ninja was 200? I don’t recall exactly. even so…. might as well spend them. It’s what they’re for.


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