Civ VI: First Win

So I earned my very first Civ VI win tonight. Granted, it was only on Chieftain level, but hey, I’m still casually learning this game. I hadn’t played it in a while, and it was on my list of to play a bit this month, so I made good on my goal.

I almost didn’t win this one. Peter was out in front of me in culture for a long while. Since we were on friendly terms, I just resigned to thinking I’d probably lose to him. However, just a fluke saw Japan go to war with Russia, and then Japan asked me to an alliance with them.

I didn’t realize that when I agreed, I’d be going to war with Russia, too. I learned something important tonight! However, it was in my favor, because I could go in and start pillaging all of Peter’s culture and science buildings, which set him far enough behind that I could surpass him.

Evil, I know. But all’s fair in Civ.


  1. I’m so, so bad at Civilization games. I like the concept, but in practice I can’t get beyond settler level. I think part of it is the way I think and function. I honestly wish I were better at it, but that’s just the way things are. Oh, well.

    1. I’m pretty bad at Civ games, too. I enjoy the earlier part of the game, but then when things start getting more complex, I get lost in all the techs and skill trees. I always go into a game thinking I’ll actually be strategic this time, but in the end, I just build what the game suggests for me to pick!

      1. I’m never sure what to pick, or, if I end up having to fight someone, how to place my units. There are some matters that just aren’t intuitive…

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