Pokemon Go: First Gen 2 Hatched

In a completely unexpected turn of events, I hatched my first baby Gen 2 in Pokemon Go yesterday.

I have been hatching eggs via the incubators I’ve earned through leveling up, trying to clear out the old eggs I had from before the update. Only… I guess I must have been hatching a new egg instead?

And here’s what I got!


Pichu’s one of my favorites, so I’m pretty pleased. I know it was extremely lucky since I’ve read posts where people have been hatching 20+ eggs just to get their first. And here I was, not even looking for one to hatch yet!


  1. That is so cute. Lucky you!

    I just recently got back into PokeGo (another family member never left) and have been running around trying to find Santa Pikachu. The irony is that the weekend was spent visiting the far corners of the island where electric pokemon were known to spawn and the crowded touristy hotspots – no Santa-chu. Then we proceeded to visit the grandparents and that entire residential area was -crawling- with them. Filial piety rewarded.

    1. Wow! I’ve still only caught the one, though I’ve seen about 5 on the radar that I haven’t seen pop on the map. Wish I could find a place they spawned like that. I will be travelling at the end of this week, so maybe I’ll luck out!

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