January Gaming Goals

January Gaming Goals

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Welcome to 2017 and to the first round of gaming goals for this year. I went back and forth on whether to keep going with my goals, but I find they don’t hurt anything and that I get a kick out of achieving small things throughout the month. So I may as well keep it up.

This year, one of my larger goals is to get back to work on that huge backlog I have on Steam. I’ve let the Steam Personal Challenge fall by the wayside way too much, and my games list keeps increasing. Not a good thing.

Some of my goals in FFXIV I can’t start on until the new patch drops on January 17, but I’ll do as much as I can.

Steam Personal Challenge 

  • Play at least 2 games from my Steam Backlog ✓

Pokemon Sun

  • Complete the storyline

Black Desert

  • Level up while I still have access to the Olvia channel (only this month)

Final Fantasy XIV 

  • Upgrade Dragoon Gear (After 3.5 patch)✓
  • Work on Relic (After 3.5 patch) ✓
  • Level Monk ✓
  • Do Summoner job quests
  • Clean up old quests (Get this done for good) ✓
  • Gain reputation with old 2.0 Beast Tribes (Priority)✓

I really want to finish cleaning up all the old 2.0 quests on Zuri and just be done with that. I also want to buckle down and finish my rep quests with all the old 2.0 beast tribes before the next expansion comes out.

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