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Holy Wow! The Sims 4: Toddlers Are Here! 


This came totally unexpected! After having silence on toddlers for so long (years)… we get them in a totally FREE update! I bet the Sims 4 community is blowing up over this! If you missed the years of Sims 4 toddler drama, don’t worry. You didn’t miss much.

Now, FINALLY, all those people grouching about not having toddlers can have their thing. And I don’t have to hear, “I’m not buying Sims 4 until toddlers come out!” as an excuse anymore.

Just be happy folks. Please?


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8 thoughts on “Holy Wow! The Sims 4: Toddlers Are Here! 

    1. This one is a huge one, too. Not just a new life state, but all the clothes and furniture that goes with the toddlers.

      But seeing that some players were all up in a tizzy about this, it was really the only way the team was going to make it good in their eyes. Making players pay for this content after so long would have just caused a whole lot more rage. It was the smart thing to do.

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  1. Really – they got amazing press for something that we wouldn’t have talked about if it was included at the beginning. Very clever and I am just so happy to have toddlers back, I honestly don’t care how the marketing machiene works!

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