FFXIV: “Farewell” to Heavensward

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Reddit and Twitter where people are saying “Farewell” to Heavensward. I don’t really get that, because it’s not as if Ishgard is going anywhere. I guess the title screen is changing, and I’m losing Ring of Thorns (I spent a lot of time pole jumping last night – RIP).

Still, I decided to do my own little tribute to Heavensward.

I’ve been casually working on the long quest chain that starts with the sidequest in Ishgard called The Paths We Walk. It’s a thoughtful quest that asks you to visit people and places out of memory of your adventure through Heavensward.


I love the idea of it. It’s extremely long, though, with several parts. I’d forget about it for months at a time, and then pick it up again.

I decided last night that I was going to finally finish it, because that was appropriate for the final night of Heavensward. I was pretty close to the end, anyhow. I’m glad I did. The quest did a lot to bring closure and remind me of what made Heavensward, as a storyline, so special.

It ended at a spot where I had to pay respects to a certain someone. I was surprised when I got there that there was a FC already there, I guess taking screenshots for their own farewell event.


I stayed out of their way and waited until they left before finishing my quest and earning my new emote.

There were parades through Ishgard and Dragonhead, and lots of people sending off the old expansion while the servers were still up. Amoon and I spent our final time there syncing our dances in Ishgard.


Then, Xaa had to add a fainted Lalafell to the picture (at my request). 🙂


Am I ready for Stormblood?

…It’s going to be a long day. 😉


  1. I loved that quest chain and it does seem the perfect way to send off the old expansion. How are you and your FC passing the hours until the servers come up, and what are you most looking forward to when they do?

    1. I have tomorrow off, but I’m working today, so I’m just finishing up stuff around work for now. When I get home, I’ll do some housekeeping so that I don’t have to worry about much but playing all weekend. Not sure what all’s going on with my FC, but they are chatting pretty hard on our Discord!

      Tomorrow? So many things… Unlocking and trying Red Mage is the top of my list, though. I’m actually pretty excited to try out spear fishing, too.

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