FFXIV: Scythes, Patch 4.1 Hype & Yo-kai Watch Returns!

Today was the FFXIV Anniversary 14 hour broadcast, which included a Live Letter with information about Patch 4.1. I didn’t watch any of it because a lot of it took place while I was asleep… and it’s also Splatfest, which meant I woke up and got right on to splatting this morning.

However, though I don’t see this announced anywhere, one thing that was also released today (on the Mogstation) was the full Edda cosmetic outfit, including her scythe weapon for specific jobs. I knew this had been teased before, and had forgotten about it. But then, Reddit posted the news.


It seems like only the jobs that can use two-handed weapons can use this as glamour. But this included Dragoon.

Now, Tai’s signature weapon in my stories has always been a scythe. And while this one is a bit dainty, it’s still black and the closest thing I’m getting to having one in the game at this point.

I bought one for Dragoon, though I’m wondering if Dark Knight would look better (and I’m happy for all those Dark Knights who finally got their scythe!). I don’t think the weapon animations look terrible for Dragoon, though some of the attacks are obviously meant to stab with a spear, rather than swing about with a scythe.


Doesn’t matter. Scythe is scythe.

Live Letter Highlights

There’s a lot of exciting information from the Live Letter for Patch 4.1. We don’t know the release date yet — just that it’s coming sometime early October, as I suspected.

Here’s some of the takeaways that are important to me:

  • Housing releasing in 4.1
  • Squads can come into dungeons (no in-depth info on that)
  • Squads can level higher and have glamour (!)
  • New Beast Tribe Quests
  • Alliance Raid Roulette (took them long enough)
  • Canals can go deeper than floor 7 with a new map!
  • New type of PvP
  • Bards can PLAY MUSIC on instruments¬†(think like LOTRO or GW2)
  • Cross world friends and /tells
  • New Hildibrand quests
  • The FF Tactics content will begin
  • Ventures and Beast Tribe currency will now be put in the currency section (So much yay!!)

If you want to check out all the slides, here’s a great gallery for that.

Yo-kai Watch Again!

Also, it was rumored that the Yo-kai Watch event might return… and sure enough, it was announced to start tomorrow.

It’s a little sad that there won’t be new Red Mage or Samurai weapons. But understandable seeing that it’s an exact repeat.

And while some people groan at the thought of running all those FATES, I’m actually happy to get a second chance to earn the minions and mount on some of my other characters. Last year, I only focused on getting them for my main. I’ll happily pick up some minions on Ben and Tai this time around, maybe even work up to the mount for them both.

I actually earned three of the weapons last year on my main, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to put the time in to grind the rest for that alternate mount. Not if I’d rather get minions on other characters.

Overall, I’m just glad that new players get a chance to earn some of these. It may be the last one we get.

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