Poll: Choose My Steam Challenge – Nov Week 2

So, as I reported earlier this week, one of my goals is to try a new Steam game from my backlog each week. I had a suggestion from Dahakha’s comment on this week’s review of Oxenfree: Why not let you guys choose my game for next week!

This is a great idea! I spend so much time trying to make up my mind “what to play” when I do this, so now, I can put that in someone else’s hands. Also, this will help keep me accountable — I’ll be more likely to stick to my goal if other people had some input in it.

Note: The Steam Challenge doesn’t mean I’ll finish the game, but that I’ll try it out and play it until I get my fill. There may be a few exceptions to this, which I’ll note below.

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  1. This was a tough one! I wanted to vote for BTTF, Never Alone and Whispering Willows all equally. The only one I think you won’t like is Magicka. The tutorial is fun but once out in the world it feels too clunky to control. For me, anyway.

    1. Looks like, so far, folks want to see a BTTF marathon. XD

      This is okay. Unlike Telltale’s other games that lump all the episodes into one title, for some reason, BTTF episodes show up as individual games within my library. So it equals to 5 unplayed games, when it’s actually just one with many episodes. Go figure.

      1. Yeah I was happy with that when I played it! Bam, 5 games down haha!

        It was the same with Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island, Wallace & Grommit, and the Strong Bad games. I think they were all released before The Walking Dead, maybe? At least that is the first TTG series I’ve got as one entry for all episodes.

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