FFXIV Announces Glamour Commodes

Update: Newest screenshots confirm that the word “commode” was changed for release. How disappointing. 🙂

I am so… so… sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

I had to take that name and run with it. I wish it was a joke, but it’s not. From the Live Letter slide:


I typed “commode” into Google several times just to make ultra sure I was seeing what I thought I was. And yep. Someone either thought this was too funny to correct or just didn’t quite grasp one of the meanings of commode for English speaking folks.

Yes… yes… I know it can have other meanings. But come on.

So, here I am laughing about having to go to the Inn Room to throw my glamour gear in the commode.

Here’s the whole slide:


Anyhow, this news is super exciting, despite the name. I will gladly throw my glamour into any wardrobe system, even if it is a commode!

Here’s some detailed information on this, taken from Reddit:

Glamour in general

  • The regular glamour system will still exist!
  • Glamour prisms will be consolidated into a single type.


  • The Commode has 200 slots total.
  • Items can be converted to glamour in your inn room (they plan to make this possible outside inn rooms in the future)
  • Converting an item to a glamour costs a single glamour prism.
  • Items converted to glamours can’t be used as equipment.


  • Ensembles can be created in your inn room.
  • Up to 10 Ensembles can be created (more might be added in the future)
  • Ensembles can be made from glamours in your Commode and your Armoire (Armoire items do not need to be converted to glamours).
  • Ensembles apply a glamour over your currently equipped gear. It’s possible to fill all slots in an Ensemble, or leave certain slots empty.
  • Ensembles can be applied while in cities, inn rooms, residential areas, and the Ivory Chapel.
  • Applying Ensembles can be macroed along with gear set macros.
  • Applying an Ensemble does not cost glamour prisms.
  • Each Ensemble will save it’s own dye data.
  • Class restrictions still apply.


  • Chocobo saddlebags cannot be accessed inside instanced duties.
  • Items stored inside saddlebags cannot be used/put up for sale/delivered/used as components for crafting/etc. Items may only be stored in or removed from saddlebags.
  • You will have access to the saddlebags even if the chocobo is stabled.

So basically we get 200 glamour slots for gear we use purely for glamour. We can now create glamour sets that apply over whatever we’re wearing. This essentially lets you have multiple glamours on role-shared gear. You can also still apply glamours in the old way.

The 70 saddlebag slots can be accessed anywhere outside of instanced content. This is essentially an additional 70 slots for things like tokens or gathering items.

I’m not sure if they’ll change the name between now and then, but this is coming in Patch 4.2, which will release sometime late January!


  1. This is such good news! It should save me a lot of space as I keep some items around just for glamours purpose. This patch can’t come soon enough! 😀

  2. Gating crystals, item toilets, looks like a bunch of MMO developers have given up any attempt at fancy roleplay/lore names and are just calling it like how the players see it. 😉

    What’s next, gear grindstones, gold sinks (with gilded faucets, of course) and loot boxes? (Oh, wait.)

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