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January Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on January 30

The first month of 2017 is already flying out the door. Wow! And to make it a little annoying, I have a healthy dose of Jury Duty for this first week of February. So my blogging time is going to be all over the place.

Kitten Chronicles – Week 1 Edition

Posted on January 27

I still can’t get a good picture of the new kitten because every time I try to approach with a phone, he gets up to rub on me. Anyhow, I decided it was time for another kitty update!

FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – Anima Relic Punks

Posted on January 27

Welcome back to another Tales from the Duty Finder! It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, and this one isn’t super terrible on the scale of things. It’s mostly about a group of punks who had no consideration for anything but their own desires.

FFXIV: 3.X Story and Scions (Spoilers)

Posted on January 26

So, as the patch has been out over a week, it’s finally time for me to talk about the 3.5 story. There will be spoilers… for pretty much all of 3.0 as I want to think out loud about story things in general.

FFXIV: Dun Scaith Week 2 & Stormblood Preorder

Posted on January 25

I got the Bard hat drop from Dun Scaith last night. It’s a pretty neat design, but I instantly glamoured to Amon’s Hat right after taking this shot.

FFXIV: Quick Guide to Better Full Body Screenshots

Posted on January 24

After changing into a taller race in FFXIV, I realized quickly that taking a good full-body screenshot is far more difficult. If you’re playing a shorter race, like Lalafell, this is a non-issue. But even when I was playing my kitty, I often found scrolling out to get a full-outfit shot wasn’t the best.

Kitten Chronicles – Day 4

Posted on January 23

It’s official that I can keep the kitten!

FFXIV: Level 60 Monk Get!

Posted on January 23

Time to level Paladin now!

FFXIV: Beastman Alliance Complete!

Posted on January 23

This weekend, I finally completed one of my long-time goals — to achieve alliance with all beast tribes in FFXIV, including the old ARR ones. I’d reached Rank 4 with the Sylphs and the Kobolds years ago, and had left the others only partially complete.

Kitten Chronicles – Day 2

Posted on January 21

It’s hard to take a good picture of a kitten who is always on the go. But there’s the best I could do.

IRL: Kittens Happen

Posted on January 20

So I had this whole post I was writing about FFXIV storylines and characters in relation to 3.5 and Heavensward and then… kittens happened.

FFXIV: First Ever Wondrous Tails Line

Posted on January 19

I usually don’t put much effort into the Wondrous Tails journal because, to me, it just seems like an incentive to run a bunch of dungeons with very RNG rewards. Due to that, I’ve let a lot of them expire and have honestly only gotten 9 stickers on one before this… but not in a line. And, of course, I got chided for not having a line. Oops.

FFXIV: Dun Scaith Cleared!

Posted on January 19

Last night, a small group of FC folks got together to tackle Dun Scaith one more time this week — including Star Bearer, Bean Baguette, Zeb and myself. I might have taken a break from this run after the previous try, but Bean’s heading out for the rest of the month, and this was her one chance to get it done while it’s still new.

FFXIV: Kinna Bard Weapon & Beast Tribes Complete

Posted on January 18

I was so grumpy about the new raid that I forgot to post the good things that happened while playing last night! These deserve their own posts, anyhow.

FFXIV: Dun Scaith Raid – Left Its Mark

Posted on January 18

Syn and I attempted the new 24-man raid, Dun Scaith, last night. I have a soapbox for it today. There’s just no other way to respond to this for me. Here’s my impressions on the direction that alliance raids are going in.

FFXIV Datamining: Samurai Confirmed(?) and New Relic Weapons

Posted on January 17

FFXIV Patch 3.5 is finally upon us, and of course, people are already picking apart the data to see what they can find. Two exciting pieces of information that’s come from the datamining is the possible confirmation of Samurai and the new Relic weapon designs.

Happy 3rd Blogging Birthday!

Posted on January 16

Three years ago today, I launched a blog on my other domain, Sygnus.org. That blog has gone through various names and hosts over the past three years.

FFXIV: PotD Floor 100+, Relic Progress & FC Funtimes

Posted on January 16

Today is the day before FFXIV Patch 3.5, which means the game is down for maintenance. But this weekend has been anything but quiet in game. Patch time always ramps up FC participation.

Nintendo Switch Preorder!

Posted on January 13

There’s been so much going on this week with gaming, I’m reeling to try and write about it all! I’ll have a more in-depth post about my thoughts on the Switch later. I’m overall happy with what I’ve heard, though.

FFXIV: White Chocobo!

Posted on January 13

Back when I first dyed this chocobo, I accidentally got a turquoise color rather than a blue. I kept it, though, because I like teal, and it matched my Leviathan barding. That was back when chocobo dying was new and before we had great color calculators, like this one, so I was really stumbling through the process.

FFXIV 3.5 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

Posted on January 13

Now, I know these are just the preliminary 3.5 patch notes, but I was sorely disappointed there was not a nerf to the Umbrite stage of the Relic weapon. That was the very first thing I looked for when I opened the patch notes, and it wasn’t there.

Holy Wow! The Sims 4: Toddlers Are Here!

Posted on January 12

This came totally unexpected! After having silence on toddlers for so long (years)… we get them in a totally FREE update!

7D2D: Zombies are Testing My New Video Card

Posted on January 11

As I noted, over the weekend, I installed a pretty significant upgrade to my video card. So far, it’s been pretty painless – just needed to get an display port adapter for one of my monitors and had to fight with my Cintiq tablet’s drivers as it’s adjusting to the new setup. But as far as playing games are concerned, it’s taken to everything wonderfully.

The Sims 4 Vampires: Official Trailer

Posted on January 10

I know that not everyone likes supernatural creatures in their Sims games, but I’ve always enjoyed them.

FFXIV: New Year, Character Remake!

Posted on January 9

I have a pretty big announcement to make today. After playing my moon kitty, Zuri Nimat, as a main for over 3 years in FFXIV, I decided to remake my main character.

Gaming Video Card Upgrade!

Posted on January 7

I haven’t talked a lot about the gifts I got for Christmas this year, but between everyone in the Posse, I got seriously spoiled.

Sad Farewell to Landmark & A Look Back at Alpha/Beta

Posted on January 6

Last night, Daybreak dropped yet another bomb in the form of an email that informed players that Landmark servers will close on February 21. Now, part of me had a strong hunch this was coming, but another part of me just looked on in disbelief.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 – The Far Edge of Fate Trailer

Posted on January 6

Coming January 17th!

New Year, New Creative Goals

Posted on January 5

I’m finally back home after a good chunk of time away on holiday vacation… which means I’m going through that readjustment period where there’s no food in the house and I have to clean up the messes the cat made while being cared for by someone else… and that kind of thing. I’m also shaking off the cobwebs on my blog like I do every year.

January Gaming Goals

Posted on January 1

Welcome to 2017 and to the first round of gaming goals for this year. I went back and forth on whether to keep going with my goals, but I find they don’t hurt anything and that I get a kick out of achieving small things throughout the month. So I may as well keep it up.

Happy New Year!

Posted on January 1

Wishing you the best and brightest in 2017!