FFXIV: Patch 4.3 – Under the Moonlight (Drops Late May)

There’s a few things here that caught my interest from the newest Live Letter. Since the translations are posted on Twitter instead of the forums now, I’ll just be pulling from the official Twitter account for info. Sorry that WordPress pulls the parent tweet into the post above the tweet I actually want to post. Bleh.

Story is good, but the Namazu beast tribes are better! We had a feeling they’d be the tribe for crafters to use. I have plenty of crafters that need to catch up — Leatherworker, I’m looking at you!

Happy this is coming out so soon. Will have to add the Namazu to my dailies. 🙂

I’ve not been a huge fan of the new 24 man raids for quite a while. But, I did enjoy some of the encounters in Sigmascape, so I’m going to hope they might be going that direction with battle design. I’ll wait and see.


We all had a suspicion that this structure was going to be for the next Deep Dungeon. So happy this is going to be a thing. Especially if it’s supplementing level 60-70 leveling. Leveling isn’t bad right now already, but I’ll always take more options.

*sigh* I haven’t really been all that involved in Eureka (but I kinda wanted to be). Maybe I should get back out there and see what a low level noob can do. I dunno.

I would actually probably use this. We heard about this app a while back, so it’s good to see it’s coming!

Other things from Reddit:

  • New Squadron dungeons added (Yay!)
  • Return to Ivalice raid – The Ridorana Lighthouse (with associated crafter/gatherer side story?) (Hmm?)
  • New Custom Deliveries client (Woo!)
  • Job Adjustments – DRK, SAM, AST
  • Cross-world linkshells (Oh?)
  • Items converted into glamours can be reclaimed. (YEAH!!!)
  • Squadrons can use glamour dresser. (YEAH!!!)
  • Glamour plates saved to gear sets. (YEAH!!!)
  • Loot system changes to Alliance Raids – All Greed (Huh… wait… that’s not good!?)
  • Normal raid roulette (Nice for people catching up, but I’d never run it. 😛 )






  1. Of all the updates on this next patch I think what I am most excited about is the new Deep Dungeon (well, the story would too, probably, if I had finished 4.2 already. XD). I loved the original Deep Dungeon and it will be fun to see what the new one will bring. 🙂

    All the other additions will be excellent too. With the squadron being able to use the Glamour Dresser I just need the Retainers to be able to use it too now so I can claim back more inventory space. 🙂

    1. The Deep Dungeon also has my attention. I really enjoyed Palace of the Dead, but for some folks who crave a bit more action, it could get a little dull. I never had an issue with it, because I’m all for laid-back gaming. This new dungeon sounds like it’s going to add new features and mechanics, so hopefully it’ll strike a balance that becomes a fun romp for both types of players.

      The more glamour options the better, too! 🙂

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