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May 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on May 31

Gosh, where has the year gone? It’s almost June already! That means it’s time to look back over this past month’s goals and see how I did.

Pokemon — Let’s Go!

Posted on May 30

Details were released yesterday about Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. It seems to be a 3D sorta-kinda-remake of Pokemon Blue-Red-Yellow with some Pokemon Go elements and a drop-in multiplayer feature.

FFXIV: Namazu & Swallows Compass

Posted on May 30

After spending two posts grouching about the difficulty of the trial and the new raid in FFXIV, you might be wondering why I’m even playing the game if I’m not enjoying any of it. Truth is, I still enjoy plenty in FFXIV… it’s just easier to write about what’s frustrating me. 😉

FFXIV: Ridorana Wipehouse

Posted on May 29

Each time a new 24 man raid comes out, I hope that it might take us back to the days when I could say to just about everyone, “Oh, this is fun, and not too hard end game content for a large group to enjoy together.”

FFXIV: Stormblood Story Completed (Thoughts)

Posted on May 25

So, last night, my FC rallied around four of us who still needed to complete the 4.3 trial in order to continue with story.

FFXIV: Patch 4.3 Doesn’t Like Me

Posted on May 23

The feeling is somewhat mutual.

Pokemon Go: First Legendary!

Posted on May 21

I guess I should be paying more attention to the Pokemon Go news. It says right in the newsfeed that you get a chance to catch Zapdos for finishing up field research quests. Somehow, it still took me by surprise when it appeared.

FFXIV: Level 50 Ninja & Getting Ready for Patch 4.3

Posted on May 21

Though I’ve still be somewhat lazy in reaching my goals for this month, I did finally achieve the one objective I’ve been wanting to hit for months — I’ve leveled my Ninja to 50! As a bonus, I actually did all the job quests up to 50, too, and sorted the armor situation for the job.

FFXIV 4.3 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

Posted on May 18

The preliminary patch notes for 4.3 are out, and I’m really looking to them to pull me back into the game and excite me again. I’ve been kinda taking a break from FFXIV, playing other games, and only logging in here and there to take care of FC stuff… sometimes run an alliance.

Nintendo Switch: It’s Fun to Die on the Death Road to Canada

Posted on May 14

One of the gifts I got for my birthday this year (they were all super awesome) was a Nintendo eShop card from my sister. I have a huge list of things I really want to play on my Switch, and a backlog forming, but I’ll never turn down an eShop card!

FFXIV: Patch 4.3 – Under the Moonlight (Trailer)

Posted on May 11

Launches on May 22!

Vegas Pokemon Conglomeration

Posted on May 10

Apologies in advance, this is going to be a really random post. Mostly, it has reference to a number of recent posts I’ve made, and a little to do with geeking and gaming. So, I figured it was relevant enough to ramble about.

The 4th Decade

Posted on May 9

Nintendo sure knows how to spruce up a birthday, doesn’t it? Growing up a Nintendo kid, I couldn’t resist using the above image as my PC wallpaper.

Pokemon Go: First Shiny!

Posted on May 9

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written about Pokemon Go. I’ve been a little out of touch with the game for a while, but I’ve kept it on my phone, and I check the news from time to time.

Thoughts: Nintendo Switch Online Announcement, No Virtual Console

Posted on May 8

I’ve been waiting to hear information on the Nintendo Switch Online service, like many gamers, since last year. This was originally supposed to launch sometime last fall, but now is set to go this September.

SL Stories: Close Encounters of the Dragon Kind

Posted on May 7

My weekend was made up of a combination of mutliplayer Stardew Valley with my sister and time spent at events in Second Life. We attended Relay Stock and said farewell to the Fantasy Faire with a final round of exploration.

Bidding Farewell to the SL Fantasy Faire

Posted on May 7

Can you tell who’s the avatars in the picture above and who are the NPC tinies? 🙂

Relay Stock: Fun, Music, & Tie Dye to Support Relay for Life

Posted on May 6

Today is the final day of the fundraising event, Relay Stock, put on by the Relay Rockers. If the name didn’t tip you off, it’s a Woodstock tribute done to benefit the Relay for Life. There’s been lots of music, dancing, rain and mud up by the main stage. Today will feature a few hours of live music, which I’m looking forward to attending.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer: It’s More Fun with Friends

Posted on May 2

Stardew Valley launched beta patch 1.3 two days ago. Last night, my sister and I jumped into our first try at a multiplayer game. The verdict – there’s a few small bugs, but overall, Stardew handles multiplayer almost flawlessly… even in beta form!

Second Life Quick Tip: Local Textures

Posted on May 1

In May of 2012, Second Life introduced a feature called Local Textures that allows you to pull from a local image file to reflect a texture in world. In April of 2018, I learned that this was a thing.

May 2018 Gaming Goals

Posted on May 1

Welcome to Goals: Let’s Try it Again edition. Last month, I didn’t do so well on finishing what I hoped to accomplish. I’ve been caught up in a flurry of creativity, and haven’t been in the mood for gaming, so I have an excuse.