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October 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on October 31

It’s the end of the month, and that means it’s time to look back at what goals were reached this time around. I’ve been really lax on my main character because most of my progression has been focused on crafting/gathering on my RP alt. But I did get a little bit done this month.

FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake LS Event

Posted on October 29

With Halloween right around the corner, the Mateus server has been filled to the brim with community events, some even overlapping each other for time slots over the past week. Since it’s an RP server, it’s to be expected. But coming from a non-RP server, it’s always exciting to see community activity going on.

FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake 2018

Posted on October 25

All Saints’ Wake, the Eorzean Halloween event, is currently running in Gridania until November 1st. So if you haven’t had a chance to visit this event, you still have some time to try it out.

FFXIV: Doman Enclave Reconstruction Complete

Posted on October 24

Over the last couple of patches, we’ve been given the opportunity to assist with the reconstruction efforts at the Doman Enclave. This comes in the form of the player donating items to the basket on a desk, for which the Domans pay gil, eventually up to 200% the normal selling cost.

FFXIV: Finishing 4.4 MSQ (Again)

Posted on October 23

Last night, I finished the 4.4 MSQ on my RP alt, Amon. This is the second character I’ve taken to the end of the FFXIV story, so I wanted to talk a little about that today.

FFXIV: Bard Music Performance in Eorzea

Posted on October 22

Not all that long ago, FFXIV introduced a very rudimentary music system for Bards. Though the devs have expanded on this system, it remains quite limited (more on this later). However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And the community keeps coming up with ways to take the tools they’re given to make awesome things from it.

FFXIV: RP Disconnect – Coming Clean

Posted on October 19

I’m quite happy with my Mudpie minion, pictured above — I’ve only seen it drop once and got the lucky roll to win it! Usually, I have no luck in rolling on minions, so I was stoked when I managed to snag this fellow.

FFXIV: Level 50 Astro, Finally

Posted on October 8

Last week, I said enough’s enough and really buckled down to finish my monthly goal and push my level 43 Astro to level 50. This mostly just required a handful of squad runs, like I knew it would, and at one run a day, I had that knocked out on Saturday.

FFXIV: 4.4 Content – Alphascape & Dungeons

Posted on October 2

Since both Syn and I were out of town the week that 4.4 dropped, I’m significantly behind on clearing much of the content for this patch, and not even close to capping weekly Tomes. Not that I’m all that worried about any of that this late in the expansion life — as long as I have the ilvl to get through whatever story is in patch 4.5, that’s all I care about.

October 2018 Gaming Goals

Posted on October 1

Last month was an odd bird in that I knew I’d be too busy to set up much in the way of goals. So I’m picking that back up again for this month. Happy October, by the way!