FFXIV Patch 4.5 Notes Highlights

Tomorrow, FFXIV is releasing patch 4.5 — the first in a series of 8 patches that will lead players into the next expansion. We didn’t get preliminary patch notes this time around since the team was taking a holiday (hope it was restful), so while we’re enduring the 24 hour maintenance, here’s my take on the most important things in the patch (Note: These are probably not the most important things, but they are to me! πŸ˜‰ ).

Also note, I don’t include things such as the story, dungeons and raids we tend to see because those are givens. But I am excited to see where the story is going this time around!


Blue Mage… of course! This isn’t coming out tomorrow, as they want us to focus on the story and such before dropping a new class. But in a week, you can bet I’m going to be trying this out.

All the furnishings added this patch were exciting to me but then they drop THIS bomb. A LOFT! After years of people glitching stages to make floating lofts… and finally after I learn how to do it myself… they give decorators a legit loft with stairs! Thank you!!!

This is awesome! Finally, interactive stuff won’t fade in an out in your house. Also, finally can get rid of those floating arrows for just the housing items! Yes!


I want this hair on several characters!! Sadly, I have a feeling it’s gated behind the new 24-man raid. Hoping it will be a finish reward and not a drop. And today, I learned that I do not yet have the ilvl required to run this raid on any of my characters, including my main. I’m just a few points off, but still. I guess that’s what I get for being lazy this patch. πŸ™

I know someone who is going to want this little guy! πŸ˜‰

Thank you! I can’t remember what all we had to do before this — start a private party finder and have someone from the other world join it, I believe — but this makes it much easier!

There are so many great Gpose changes coming with this patch that I can’t screenshot them all. Trust me. They’re amazing! Taking screens while transformed, changing emotes within Gpose, a warning when you accidentally exit Gpose, turning off those annoying battle effects… this keeps getting better and better!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Finally.


Any addition to the Squads is a good one for me. Is this our first level 60 dungeon? I might have to try Fractal out and see how it runs.

My FC hasn’t delved into making subs just yet, but I’m always happy to see this expanding. I think now that we have two airships leveling, subs might be the next thing we focus on in the workshop.

Happy we got more mannequin races. Sad one of these is not Elezen. I need to make my Amon mannequin racially accurate, darn it! πŸ™‚

This is cool! I’m happy to see them add more options here. I may be adding tags to our FC house soon as an RP spot!

More aquarium fish and options make me happy!

Good! I’ve actually been checking back here to see if anything new was added. Hopefully it’s something interesting!

Excellent! As someone who does deliveries every week on two characters, we really needed this change!

This gets a “Yay!” instead of a “Yeah!” because I’m a little confused. First, this is a delivery that’s for level 66+ but they’re forcing us back to Idyllshire to do it… which makes me a tad grouchy. It’s expensive to go to Idyllshire. I guess I’ll have to blow an aetheryte ticket on it every week.

Also, now we have 3 sets of deliveries we can do within the level 70 range, but only 12 deliveries we can turn in each week still. This is odd because they just buffed M’naago’s turn-ins. No matter what, this means I’ll have to drop one of the others. I guess as long as the rewards are the same-ish, it’s okay. Hopefully they’re adding something new and interesting to scrips. Right now, my main is mostly doing it to make money.

Finally, the ponies can fly! Kinda interesting that the Direwolf got put on this list, too. Seeing that lanky dog flying will be interesting! XD

Excellent – for both mounts and minions. I might start using the roulette now!

Nice! This was needed!


I’m a tad concerned about what this means for folks who decorate with glitches. I know one floating glitch that relied on exiting and entering the house to get it to work. I wonder how this is going to change things.

This was something unexpected when announced in the Live Letter. I don’t know a thing about playing Mahjong, though so…

Oh. Ok. That should help. I hope? I guess I’ll give it a shot!

I uh… like the Gold Saucer as much as anyone else. But this mount. I’m not so sure about. Maybe it will be cuter in person.

I’m not quite sure what this means or why it’s being done. Something for Blue Mage maybe?

I’m not really clear on this… but do they mean Grade VI materia? If so, that’s a good thing!

Interesting! I have the carbuncle mount, so I’ll have to check this out! I tend to keep my mount music off as I like to hear the zone music more, however.

Is that a glowy new tool I see? I still use the gold pickaxe from the Mining achievement I got a while back as a glamour, so I might have to look into this!

This is interesting. I wondered how they would handle this.

All in all, looking forward to tomorrow’s patch!


  1. I’m looking forward to more story and the new Gold Saucer ride from FF7 πŸ™‚ I’m also hopeful that the new changes to Rival Wings boosts player numbers as it’s scarcely played these days.

    1. The ride looks like it might be fun, though I rarely take part in GATEs. So that’s why I didn’t list it here. I guess I might need to take some time to look into those games.

      I’ve also never played Rival Wings. Frontlines is about the only PvP I’ve ever tried in this game.

  2. That’s fair enough πŸ™‚ One of the great things about this game is that there’s so much to do that different people can enjoy different aspects of it πŸ™‚ Personally I adore Rival Wings!

    1. Dunno, I’ve ran out of content in around two months after reaching level cap, I’m surprised that there are people that have something to do for years.

      1. I’ve played for over 5 years now, and I still have way too much content to do and never enough time. That’s without having touched some of it — for example, Rival Wings or Lords of Verminion.

        Granted, I have a full stable of characters (despite the game not being that alt-friendly) and I tend to lean toward creative endeavors, such as writing stories that tie into Role Play. Dungeons and raids really have never been my focus (they’re just something I’m pushed to do by the game in order to see the story), and I’m not that inclined to chase gear or ilvl (unless, again, it’s blocking the story progression for me).

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