FFXIV: Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event

Let me start by saying that while I own FFXV for the PC, I’ve not played it yet. The extent of my exposure to this entry in the FF series is a few episodes of the anime, which were actually quite charming in terms of character building.

I wasn’t completely thrilled to learn we’d be getting a FFXIV/FFXV crossover event which includes the Regalia as a car mount. Mostly because… well… a car can be squeezed into the world of Eorzea, but really doesn’t fit. (Neither does the Whisper or Cactuar mount… but yeah…).

However, it’s a free mount. And it’s the game’s first FOUR PERSON mount. So, even though I don’t care for the idea of having a huge car mount in game, I’m not passing up on it for any of my characters.

Turns out the event is actually pretty charming. As someone who knows very little about FFXV, I’m never quite sure what to make of the main character, Noctis. His appearance makes him out to be an angsty young adult type… and he’s a prince, so I expect him to be arrogant or stuck up. However, it seems he’s more of a bro-buddy with a lot of responsibilities on his back.

I don’t know. Can anyone tell me what he’s supposed to be?

Spoilers for the Event Ahead!

Anyhow, I took Amon through the quest series, which was actually quite lengthy. And while it was about an hour’s worth of time, I did feel a bit of a bro-connection between him and my character that I didn’t really expect. They hung out around the town, went fishing, went camping, ate supper and talked about their purpose in life. They battled together, did actual mechanics together, and Noctis even shared his abilities with Amon for the final fight.

Just hanging out talking about deep stuff.

I will say that final fight is a real pain in the tail. It’s all about getting timing near perfect. Unless you can majorly mitigate a specific huge boss attack, or have perfect timing to do the mechanics, you’re in for an insta-wipe. I made it through on my third try, and still really don’t know what I did any different from the first two wipes.

However, the rewards for the quest series are pretty worth it. Yes, even the car. It’s fun to drive, though I haven’t tried the 4-seat capacity yet, and it certainly had the entire zone buzzing with excitement… and car shows.

Blackbrush the night the event released

One FATE is included, but it popped often and was easy to defeat with so many people going at it. This dropped an item that you use to exchange for the 6 different orchestrion songs — usually two per FATE, so you only needed to do it 3 times if you wanted all the music. I found the tunes to be pretty good, actually, and even put some of them to play in my character rooms.

I went ahead and ran the FATE as much as time allowed last night, especially on lesser-geared characters, because this will be the easiest it’ll ever be to finish these FATEs.

You also get Noctis’ outfit over the course of the different quests, with the final two pieces and an achievement title coming from finishing the whole series. The big rewards also require you to finish up all the quests and beat the last fight. These include the car mount, hairstyle, and Triple Triad Card.

All of these rewards are for purchase with MGP in the Gold Saucer. The NPC is standing out front of where you’d normally buy the daily cactpot.

The car is 200,000 MPG, the hair is 20,000 MPG and the card is 10,000 MGP.

If the idea of earning that much MPG stresses you, here’s a great guide on Reddit that can get you going the right direction!

The final takeaway – pretty fun event. Annoying final fight mechanics. Good rewards. They didn’t skimp on this crossover! And, hey, there’s a Welcome Back Week going on right now, too, so even if your sub is lapsed, you can take part in this and Hatching Tide together!

Long car is long!


  1. I did the event last night too and yeah, that last fight took me three tries too for the same reasons. Oh, well, I still liked the story and the mount is nice. 🙂

    I am just a bit salty that it requires characters level 50 and have finished the main story of ARR to participate so I can’t do it right away with my alts. They aren’t too far off though so I am sure I can do it with them before the event is over.

    I didn’t play FFXV either but I did watch a stream of the game. Your impression is quite right, he is a bit of angsty, bro-type, with a lot of responsibilities on his back. But throughout the journey he goes through in the game and the support of his friends he does become the king he is meant to be. It is quite a nice story too even if you are (like me) the type who doesn’t like much the idea of a Final Fantasy with a more modern-like setting.

  2. I have been itching to check out the game again and see if it will draw me back in or if I am just tired of the gameplay loop and find it permanently tedious. I also didn’t like the base Stormblood story as I am more interested in the Ascian storyline. Stormblood felt like a dull and unnecessary distraction.

    If I do like it and decide to come back, I might want a house. Any server suggestions?

    Also do they have some world or server move promotion going? For example, a free move to a low population server to a high population one?

    Thanks in advance! I haven’t played the game in almost two years.

    1. There is a Free Welcome Back week going on right now, and I’d suggest checking that out while it lasts.

      They just did the data center split last night for the NA worlds, so depending on what server you were on, your current server has likely been regrouped. They are offering subscribers free server transfers for a period of time to allow people to decide which server and data center they want to stay on. I’m not sure if you have needed to be a subscriber for a certain amount of time to take advantage of the transfers.

      Because everyone is going to be moving around quite a bit the next few weeks, I really can’t tell you which server is the best for housing right now. It’s likely people may be transferring to smaller servers just to snatch up housing.

      However, the World Visit system is live now, so you can travel to other servers now, and check out the housing that way. You can’t buy a house unless you live on that server, but you can look around more easily now!

  3. As someone who has played a lot of FFXV I can say Noctis’s character really isn’t the angsty kid he appears to be. In all honest, he is kind of a giant dork who geeks out over his hobbies, and cares a lot about his friends but at the same time is under a huge amount of pressure and stress due to the situation he is forced into. He’s quite the solid character, in my opinion.

    Also, his outfit has been my main glamor since the event.

    1. Thanks for the info! I kinda got the feeling that Noctis had a few other dimensions to him and that his design just referenced a more angsty type character. I really do need to find some time to play FFXV. I have it on PC, and it’s just been stuck in my Steam backlog. 🙁

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