FFXIV: Making It Through Stormblood… Again

I currently have a lot of alts sitting at the start of Stormblood right now, and I’m struggling with the motivation to get them through. While I absolutely adore Shadowbringers, and I’m hyped to play through that on my alts, I’m trying to find a way to pace myself through the old expansions still.

One of my goals for this month was to finally get Tai through Stormblood 4.0. This gets most of the dungeons shoved out of the way (there’s still 3 and 1 trial to do), and also gives me access to spending Poetics on the higher end gear.

Thanks to patient FC folks, not only did I get Tai to level 70 Dragoon this weekend, but I did get him through 4.0 content! I still need to go back and finish up his job quests, and now I’m facing the Drowned City dungeon. But for the most part, there’s not much aside from a string of MSQ quests (which I speed through since this is my third time through).

I’m going to try to focus on this since my other characters are mostly just running roulettes for weekly Tomes now, and doing some beast tribes for leveling alt jobs. It’s a very good time to play catch up, and if I can get another character moving through it on Tai’s heels, then all the better.

Really, the Trust system in Shadowbringers makes everything so much more friendly for a player like me. I feel as if once I get the rest of my crew to Shadowbringers, and I no longer have dread forced-grouped dungeons, I can play much more to my own pace. I know I still have to group for trials, but that’s not a huge deal in the end.

I’m certainly going to add continued progress for alts as goals in the future.


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