FFXIV: All Battle Jobs at 70!

Above, Little Yang celebrates my achievement of leveling Dancer to 70. This marks the last battle job (aside from Blue Mage) that I needed to level to get them all within this expansion’s level range.

I’m extremely happy about this because it was only last year that I decided I was going to make the effort to level up all my remaining jobs. Some of those were tanks lingering in the 30s… so it’s been a long road! If you’d told me I’d have all of my jobs at 70 this year, I’d not quite believe that. 🙂

I do still need to do the job quests for both Gunbreaker and Dancer, but I have plenty of time to put towards that at this point. From here on out, it’s time to start nudging jobs towards 80 one by one!


  1. Congrats!!!! I am still levelling some of my classes to 70.

    I had a question for you. You seem to be very experienced with running an FC. I am in an FC leadership position for the first time and we wish to grow our FC. But just by 20 players or so. We are also keen to help newer players progress through the game.

    My question is this: What tips or suggestions do you have for recruitment? Tells seem intrusive and I want to stand out more from those FCs that just do generic shouts in the hubs. Any tips?

    1. When I was openly recruiting for my previous FC, I did several things.

      1- I heavily suggest you have some kind of application process, and that you write up a statement of intent on what your FC’s focus is. Are you casual and progressing through content? Are you raiding? What kind of people do you want to attract? What kind of information do you want to know about new members before you accept them to see that they’re a good fit?

      2- Take that information and put it on a FC website you can direct people to. We ended up settling on having a FC page on https://www.guilded.gg – it has excellent features and helps you take applications even when you and your officers aren’t online. It’s also very easy to make a page there and has mobile support, Discord connection, forums, and all kinds of things. You don’t have to use all the features, but it’s free and I really liked what all they offered.

      There are other guild hosting sites out there, though, if that one doesn’t fit your needs. Just search around.

      3- Once you have a page with an application you can direct people to, then you can start advertising. I found two places that seemed effective:

      Reddit FFIX Recruitment – https://www.reddit.com/r/FFXIVRECRUITMENT/
      I posted here once every other week or so just to refresh my announcement.

      Your Server’s Forums on the official FFXIV forum: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/forums/669
      Be careful here because they don’t like it when you bump your own stuff without having some sort of conversation going on. So maybe encourage a member or officer to hop on and bump it by talking about the FC and noting you’re still open to recruitment every few weeks or so. It really depends on how busy the forum is.

      I’d suggest looking at existing FC advertisement to see what information they’re posting. This is old, but here’s an example of what I wrote four our FC years back. You’re welcome to borrow the format and concepts if it helps. It also shows you links to the website I was talking about and how we set up our info and expectations for new members.


      I know that’s a lot, but hopefully you can pull something from it that will help. Good luck!

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