FFXIV: Pixies and Factory Drops

Writing that title just reminded me that I still haven’t written out my verdict on the Copied Factory raid in FFXIV yet. I’ll put that on my list for this week.

I finished up the last of the Pixie beast tribe reputation this weekend. This netted a new housing item, which I have bought a few of, but have yet to explore decorating with. I do have a perfect room for some of the Pixie housing items, just need to sit down and work them in.

With those at max rank, I no longer need to run them daily, unless I just want to for alt job XP. I probably will on my main, because I still have a million jobs that need to get to 80, and every little XP counts. I do plan on finally jumping into Trusts soon, and clearing out overworld quests for that as well.

Speaking of Trusts, I also finally unlocked the Switch for Tai, so I’m slowly starting to move him through the Shadowbringers storyline. I also started to run my Alliance Roulette with him to help supplement his leveling through the expansion. It’s been a while since I’ve really played Dragoon, and I still find that I enjoy the job, even if it’s not something I’d choose as my main.

Speaking of Raids, I’ve been running the Copied Factory twice each week. Once is for my Main who really doesn’t need any of the drops except for fluff, minions, music and the upgrade coin for gear. So far, she hasn’t had a lot of luck outside of the new dress that she got in the picture up top.

This glamour has an interesting property. On the very first day of the raid, the community crowed over how the B2 glamour drop legs enhance the character’s booty – male and female both. Well, this normal chest drop for casters (and I assume any other job) appears to enhance the upper female assets, which was unexpected but quite noticeable.

Ah well.

I was actually a little disappointed that it didn’t look more like the male coat caster drop instead of a dress. Here’s the male version on Amon:

I do love that they’re all dyeable out of the box, though. That’s very nice and makes for a lot of new glamour options.

While Amon is running the Factory for glamour and fluff, he actually needs the aiming drops as upgrades. I really want to get him the aiming coat, though, purely to base yet another glamour set around.

Oh, and I have repurposed yet another RP alt over the weekend. This is Tad.

I cringed at having to spend the amount of gil I did on his coat alone, but I adore how it looks on him. I’m trying out Machinist with this character, and so far enjoying how it feels — it’s the first time I’ve dabbled with the new Machinist changes in Shadowbringers. I was not a fan of the Stormblood version at all.

So this fellow needed a CT unlock, and is teasing me with having a crafter and gatherer right within the lower range of the Ishgard restoration turn-in system. I’m really curious what it’s like to level a crafter/gatherer with all the new changes to the system and the Restoration sitting there as well. So I might just take the plunge and level him, despite already having two not-quite-finished omnicrafters.

So, as you can see, even though my goals were met for the Pixie quests and daily hunts, I always, always have something else to work on for someone in this game!


  1. Congratulations on everything you achieved lately!

    I didn’t have a problem with Machinists in Stormblood but I definitely love the changes to them in Shadowbringers. Which is a good thing too since I decided to switch from Monk main to Machinist on this expansion.

    As for leveling crafters with the Ishgard Restoration… it is good. That XP is so very good that I am still wondering what the developers were thinking when they implemented it! Although getting the scrips to buy everything seems like it will take a long while. I wonder how much faster it would be with a level 80 omnicrafter.

    1. Using the guide I linked on a previous post, and having proper scrip gear on my level 80, it took no time at all to get the scrips I needed for cosmetics. The most time spent really was just in gathering. I was knocking out an item a night and that was spending a couple hours worth of time, but turning in the max collectability for each item — thanks to the guide’s macro.

      1. I’ve been using that guide too but the recipes I have been able to do were the… 40 and 60 ones, I think. I had to do some adaptations since I don’t have the food the guide suggests for those levels (it was sold out in the Market Board and my CUL isn’t high enough to craft it myself). Because of that it has been slow going and I’ve only been able to get the lean emote and the new hair style so far.

        I think I am going to get the cosmetic clothes next then the minions and eventually the mounts.

          1. That is true. At the rate I was going before I wasn’t really expecting to get to 70 this year. Right now I got two level 71s crafter classes thanks to the Ishgard Restoration. Hoping to get the rest to at least that level before the end years. 🙂

            Also, the changes to the crafting skills makes it so much easier now to experiment and figure a good crafting rotation.

            I am just half-expecting this to not last forever though. XD

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