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December 2019 Gaming Goals in Review

I’m going to go ahead and close out this month’s goal post because while there’s still today and tomorrow, I doubt I’ll be working on goals. Tomorrow, I want to visit my Yearly 2019 Gaming Goals and see how I did with them. Then I can look at figuring out where I want to go in 2020!


  • Level Trusts & Alt Jobs (Main) 
  • Level Crafters and Buy Master VII Books (Main & Amon) 
  • Progress Tai through Shadowbringers 
  • Progress Zuri through Stormblood

I did a great job in leveling my first set of Trust characters and getting my Summoner/Scholar to 80. Next month, I know I want to work on taking my second set through, which requires me leveling one of my tanks.

In the meantime, I’ve also been doing beast tribes on each job and getting them to 71, which allows them to have access to Trusts. As of last night, I only have one job that’s not 71.

I finished up getting Master crafting books with scrips for both my main and Amon. I’ve been slowly working on leveling their crafters in the meantime. I’m sure if I buckled down and worked on the Restoration, I could level a lot faster, but I just haven’t had the focus for that lately.

I did progress Tai all the way to the Greatwood in Shadowbringers. I honestly could have gotten even further, but holidays were distracting. I also leveled him to the point that I couldn’t go any further using the Beast Tribes. The game gates you if you haven’t cleared the Greatwood at a certain rank. That’s fine – I’ll get ther eventually.

I didn’t get around to working on Zuri’s progress at all. I didn’t expect I would until I got Tai sorted away. It’s fine.

Nintendo Switch Goals

  • Earn at least one new badge in Pokemon Sword
  • Finish next temple in Link’s Awakening
  • Ring Fit

Nope, didn’t do any of this and it makes me sad. I do have the excuse of getting some Steam games for Christmas that took my attention away. Though I also added three new games to the Switch backlog for Christmas as well! Augh!

I’m going to buckle down on this harder in 2020. Though I have a feeling Animal Crossing is going to sweep away my time when it releases.

Overall, a fine month. We’ll check on the year’s progress tomorrow!


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One thought on “December 2019 Gaming Goals in Review

  1. Crafting (and gathering) is trivially easy to level anymore. A week ago I leveled miner in about 5 hours. Since I then knew what I was doing, I leveled botanist in 4 hours. I then leveled fisher in 2 hours, as that level 76 levequest is insane.

    Then I moved on to crafting on Sunday. In the week since, I’ve level 5 jobs to 80, the 6th is 77, the 7th is 71, and 1 is still languishing at 70, but it’s Armorer, so it’s a) not really important and b) will be easy to grind up ingots on macro while watching a movie or something.

    I’m only “worried” about leatherworker, as the animal skin drop rate seems really low — I farmed smilodons for a good half hour and only got 24 skins in that time, so that one I’ll probably look in to “the most efficient leves” for so I can level it without grinding out macros on easy combines. Still and all, I expect I’ll have all my crafters to 80 by this next weekend.

    Even with that, I’ve still done the daily beast tribes, nutsy hunts, expert and MSQ roulettes, and so on, so while it’s been “my focus” for the week it hasn’t taken me away from the rest of the game either.


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