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February 2019 Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on February 28

Though I set pretty meager goals for myself this month, I didn’t quite reach all of them. This wasn’t unexpected, though. I’ve mostly been focused on leveling crafters on my alt, which I’ve done a great job of. But by the time I get home from work, finish a 4 sets of Beast Tribe quests and maybe get pulled into a run or two of Alliance or Expert, I just don’t have a lot of time for other things.

FFXIV: Data Center Move – April Dates

Posted on February 28

Based on the information provided by the official FFXIV website, we now have dates when we can expect the data center expansion to happen.

Pokemon Sword and Shield for Switch

Posted on February 27

Coming sometime late 2019, as expected – Shield are already up for preorder after today’s Pokemon Direct!

FFXIV: Fatter Cat Mount

Posted on February 26

I don’t usually buy a lot of stuff from the Mog Station. Every now and then, a sale will come along, and I’ll pick up old emotes or fluff for alts that don’t have them. It’s pretty rare that I plunk down cash for things like mounts — the last one I bought day-one was the carbuncle.

FFXIV: Halfway There

Posted on February 25

If I do nothing else when I log into FFXIV each day, I always make sure I finish my crafting beast tribe quests on my RP alt, Amon. Slowly, something that just started out as random gathering, leading to random crafting… has turned into a dedicated push to finish leveling all of his crafting jobs to 70, preferably before Shadowbringers drops.

FFXIV: FC House Landscaping Makeover

Posted on February 18

Over this past weekend, my crafting goals for my RP alt have been met for the month, though I continue to work on leveling crafting every day. On top of that, I got the itch to finally spend some time redecorating the FC house yard this weekend. This was partially due to the new treehouse yard item and the fact that I’ve been holding on to a garden pond that my retainers brought me not long back.

FFXIV: Weekend of Wins & Lab Progress

Posted on February 13

I meant to write about this earlier in the week, but there’s been a lot going on IRL, so it got pushed back. This past weekend was one of accomplishing a lot and getting lucky on rolls. As you can see in the picture above, I won the roll for the Bard chest piece from the Monastery and the OMG minion from Alphascape 4.

FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder: A Tank and Their Chicken Cannot be Parted

Posted on February 11

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts… mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve had a party bad enough to write about. And while I used a Leeroy Jenkins reference as a picture above, really, we had the exact opposite issue in our run yesterday.

FFXIV: Mentor x2

Posted on February 8

It was almost three years ago when I first earned mentorship on my main character, and ended up quite disappointed by the whole system. I knew that I’d never be able to run the mentor roulette since I haven’t unlocked all of the content it requires… and the roulette doesn’t just let you run what you already know.

FFXIV: Odin in the Shroud

Posted on February 7

I have always loved the concept of the large, special FATEs in the open world of FFXIV. I still haven’t finished my second Ixion for the mount yet, but hope to some day. I also beat up the Behemoth not long ago, and am leveling my Leatherworker specifically to be able to craft the wall trophy from the horns.

FFXIV: Completing Alphascape

Posted on February 5

Back when patch 4.4 dropped the Alphascape raid, it was content we tried, but then put off sensing that we’d need to be a bit better geared to move through it smoothly. With everything else going on, it got lost in the shuffle, and somewhat forgotten.

FFXIV / FFXV Collaboration Trailer

Posted on February 3

The event ideas look pretty cool (though I haven’t played FFXV yet), buuuut… I’m not so sure about seeing that mount all over the place in Eorzea. We’ll see how it turns out.

FFXIV Shadowbringers Preorder & Release Date

Posted on February 2

Preordering any edition gets you some goodies!

FFXIV: Viera Race Info Release

Posted on February 2

As hoped, at today’s Fan Fest, more details were released about the Viera race that was hinted to be coming in the Shadowbringers expansion. Here’s what info we got!

February 2019 Gaming Goals

Posted on February 1

I skipped out on January goals because I knew I’d be too distracted with BLU to do much. And I was right. But I’d strayed so far from the goals mindset that I almost forgot to start setting them again for February.