January 2020 Gaming Goals

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Welcome once again to the new year! While I mapped out the big goals for the year in the last post, it’s time to break it down into more manageable chunks for this month.

What am I looking at? Let’s find out!


  • Level Tank via Trusts (Main)
  • Level second job via Pixie Beast Tribes (Main)
  • Level crafters via weekly turnins (Main & Amon)
  • Progress Tai through Shadowbringers

Steam Backlog Goals

  • Try one new game in the “Clear” category each week

Switch Backlog

  • Find an organizational method for backlog (spreadsheet?)
  • Uninstall games I’m not coming back to
  • Earn next badge in Pokemon
  • Try out one new indie game

I think that’s a pretty solid chunk to work with this month. What kind of goals do you have for your month?

2 responses to “January 2020 Gaming Goals”

  1. Those all seem doable in a month, yes. Hope you can achieve them all!

    I don’t want to set any goal for me on stone so the only I think I will try to go for is to finish at least one Uncharted game, meaning the first one since I already started it. It is pretty fun and the chapters seems relatively small so I should be able to play it in small chunks and feel like I am progressing.

    Besides that, I think I will just keep a nebulous “play Persona 5 and the Witcher 1”. I’d like to finish both of those in this month too but they are bigger games so I am not sure if it will be doable. :p

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