FFXIV: Day of Many Wins

Some days, the stars all align and everything falls into place in a game you’re playing. Yesterday was such a day for me (for the most part).

To begin with, the title that I’d worked to earn during the season of the Ishgard restoration finally came in the mail. So now, my main has her crafting title, which I’m pretty happy about. I know that it’s not all that hard to earn that title, but overall, I jumped into that season with very little earned from last season, and managed to catch up on it all.

Tad Things

The next achievements were on my RP Alt, Tad. I leveled him to 70 after picking up a story jump to Shadowbringers, and have decided to focus on getting him through the expansion – yet another character through!

One of the things I wanted for him was a set of Late Allagan Aiming glamour, mostly because it fit his RP/story aesthetics. This set can only be purchased through Wolf Marks which can only be earned through PvP. So, for the past week or so, I’ve been diving into the world of Frontline Roulette.

I discovered that this was an excellent way to finish leveling his Bard, which I’d left dangling at about level 43. I needed to get to 50 so that I could level his retainer to 50. His retainer is locked in at the same level as his Bard, but Tad mains Machinist. The only way to use the switch jobs scroll on his retainer is to level one of the retainer’s jobs to 50 first.

Not only did I get Tad’s Bard to 50 via PvP, but last night I finished up the entire glamour set! I needed exactly 2,000 Wolf Marks to get the last piece yesterday. This was a possibility, but only if my team won the match. Lo and behold, my team won the match!

Lost Allagan Aiming Gearset

No only that, but last night I hit level 80 on Tad’s Machinist. He’s not done with the MSQ yet, but between beast tribes, Frontlines and just running quests/Trusts, I knew he was leveling fast.

I took some time out yesterday to gather all the materials needed to craft him a full set of Neo Ishgardian Aiming gear on my main. This set is not top gear for this patch, but is still relevant enough to get you the ilvl needed to take on everything through 5.3. So, he’s basically good to go gear-wise for progress-making.

He’s already glamoured over it, but I just wanted a shot of Tad in the gear I crafted for him.

If all goes well, I may be able to finish up most of base-game Shadowbringers MSQ for him pretty soon. I know it wasn’t on my monthly goals list to level Tad in particular, but that’s just how it fell.

More Glamour – Amon

My struggle with getting drops for Amon in Puppets Bunker is real. While my main lucked out and got the casting top drop the very first run, Amon has failed to win a roll on the Aiming or Casting top at least 4 times that I can think of.

Last week, I rolled on the last piece he needed for the Aiming set aside from the chest – these drops are also upgrades in gear for him. So it’s not just glamour I’m shooting for.

Having the rest of the set meant that I’d no longer have to worry about rolling and winning on something only to see the chest drop later in the raid (happens all the time). But now, the trick was to actually see the chest drop and to not lose out to another player. This has been tough to do since it seems as if a LOT of people are playing ranged DPS in this raid.

Last night was a doozy of a run (I have a Tales from the Duty Finder post in the works for it), but I was excited to see that I was the only ranged DPS in my group for the first time ever. That didn’t promise that the chest would actually drop, though.

But it did! And of course, rolling Need against no one else, I roll a 97. Where was that 97 so many weeks ago (when I rolled 9 instead)?

This happened. I screenshotted my misery.

Anyhow, I got my aiming chest and Syn’s alt got her healing chest, too. All in the same drop!

Finally, glamour!

I still have plans to work on the casting set for Amon – both for glamour and gear purposes. But I am so, so happy to finally see my luck turn around this week. I was getting pretty discouraged for a while there – even ran this thing 5 times in one week for a single drop a few weeks back. And for me, that’s pretty significant.

I need to do a post about the Bunker and my impressions of it, eventually. But that, and the story of last night’s run, will have to be for another time!