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Last time I left off in my Valheim posts, Syn and I had reached the mountains and were making good progress on upgrading our gear. I was enjoying my time in the mountains, which I said was far easier than the swamp had been.

I’ve learned since then that this is only true during the day. At night, things get real. We’d already run across the Fenring that comes out at night in the previous play sessions, so that didn’t take us by surprise. It’s really the wandering wolf packs of 5-6 wolves, often with a one star wolf, that did me in.

Unless you can make yourself a cozy cave hideout – or you have a safe base in the mountains – staying overnight isn’t usually a good idea. Wood cabins don’t hold out against drakes or wolve packs for long.

That’s not to say I like the mountains any less. I just wish… the mountains would finally give up their secrets. That is to say, after searching for hours high and low in mountain range after mountain range, we still haven’t found the runestone that uncovers the location to the next boss.

See that picture at the top? That’s a Maypole.

There’s a toss-up if this structure even appears in a world at all. But I found it in our game… of all things. And yet, I still haven’t found the location for Moder.

Note: A new patch has added the Maypole as a craftable object so it is no longer a rare find. Back when I discovered it, however, it was still very rare!

This is slowly becoming an issue. Syn has upgraded all of her silver gear as high as it will go, and I’m getting very close to be fully upgraded. Not finding the next boss location is stopping our progress hard at this point.

See this?

In between mountain ranges as we were searching for Moder’s rune we find…

A rune that points to the Yagluth boss instead! I’m assuming that’s the next boss beyond Moder, and while it’s very nice to have this already on our map, it’s crazy that we’ve spent hours in the mountains only to stumble on the next boss location before we have found our current boss location.

Of course, this forces us out into the world to explore, especially since we’ve already exhausted all of the mountain biomes we’re aware of. Even this huge mountain biome below gave us nothing but silver, snow and my night wolf-pack death.

We also ran face to face with another Serpent in our travels. This time, armed with poison arrows and Draugr Fangs, we were able to kill it. It was still a close call as one more strike would have taken our little Karve out from under us.

In the meantime, the main base has continued to expand and thrive. We did end up building a more distant wolf pen to help with the constant howling sounds that started to drive me nuts. But then, we had so many wolves that they were somehow making it out of the pen by stacking on top of each other to do so (when they got riled up over a monster being outside).

Syn began to form wolf packs that she takes out and about for the fun of it since we have so many wolves… and after hunting through so many mountains, we don’t really need extra wolf parts anymore.


While exploring the world is fun (we even joked that we’re going to go to the north pole!), finding the next boss location would be even more fun. Eventually, we do want to explore more of the world, but it would be really nice to be able to finally break into the plains and have a wider access to whatever Moder will unlock for us first.

Until then, we keep searching!

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  1. I had exactly the same problem finding Moder, something I posted about more than once. I was getting very fed up with the situation when I finally stumbled on the marker and then I has one hell of a job setting up and killing the dragon. Almost everyone else I read about found Moder the easiest of bosses but mine had an altar whose placement was very awkward and also I made things worse by some prep-work I did that rurned out to do more harm than good.

    If you do get desperate, there is a way you can expose the entire map to see where all the significant points are. I was considering it by the time I finally found the right island.

    That maypole is new to me, by the way. Never uncovered one on my world.

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    • I did break down and Google research the Moder rune to see if we were the only ones having this issue. Seems this isn’t uncommon – someone noted that it took them over 15 mountain biomes before they found the rune.

      I’m not glad that it happened to you, too, but I appreciate you letting me know that it’s a thing. I also appreciate you letting me know about exposing the map. I think we’ll hold off on doing that as long as we can.

      I’m a little worried about the mechanics of Moder from what I read (again, I’m starting to spoil myself but…), but seeing that the Drakes already kinda give away what we might be facing (but on a tiny scale), I wanted to be ready. It does seem like it could be a frustrating fight if things don’t line up well. Hopefully we’ll finally find that rune and be able to try it for ourselves!


    • I don’t mind if the boss is several islands over and we have to go and sail there, but at least give us a direction to go in. Especially since sailing and exploring can be quite dangerous at times! It only takes one wrong encounter to leave all your best gear on a tombstone halfway around the world if you know what I mean.


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