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Okay, so not really on fire, but on Fire 8 HD tablet!

Though I have and love my Samsung Tab and use it for all things fiddle practice, there are a few things about it (or should I say the Kindle app) that keeps me from making it a uke practice tablet as well. Trust me, I’m sad that I can’t consolidate. But at the same time, I’ve been curious about owning a Fire tablet for a while.

So when I saw the Black Friday deals on Fire tablets, and the 8 HD under $50, I decided to pull the trigger on the device and pick one up. So, what’s the major reasons for this?

The #1 reason is that I’m following the EEI method book for uke playing. I have both the paper version (which helps me read notation a lot better) and the Kindle version – because I need the backing tracks to play to. So I use them both together for a great experience.

However, Kindle multimedia doesn’t work on Android tablets. I have a feeling it probably never will seeing they’d much rather you buy an Amazon tablet instead. It does work on Apple devices, though. Go figure. But the only Apple device I own is a phone, and I’d much rather have something with a larger screen for other purposes.

That purpose is… the Ukulele App!

I had a copy of this on my phone for a while, but this is what really needed a larger screen to use since much of it is video. A little tiny phone makes it almost impossible to use.

Overall, I’m hoping that having a device dedicated to uke will help me get back into the groove and inspire me to play again! I have successfully paired it with my Bluetooth speaker so that music will be louder than the built-in speakers (something I did on my phone, too).

So with ukes on fire, we’ll see how far we fly! Tomorrow is a new month, after all! 

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