Ukulele Aerobics Book

Posted on December 21, 2021 by Aywren

I was just gifted one of the uke books I've had on my Amazon wishlist since last year -- the Ukulele Aerobics book. It has high ratings and seems like a good addition to a method book overall. It's described as: 

A 40-week, one-lick-per-day workout program for developing, improving, and maintaining ukulele technique. This package provides practice material for every day of the week and includes an online audio access code for all the workouts in the book. Follow this program and you'll see increased speed, improved dexterity, better accuracy, heightened coordination and more in your playing. Musical styles include pop, rock, folk, old-time, blues, jazz, reggae and more! Techniques covered include: strumming, fingerstyle, legato and staccato, hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, bending, damping, vibrato, tremolo and more.

Basically, it's something I can pull from once I get my strumming finger revved up again. Taking a good look at it, I can see that it's probably a bit too advanced for me at this point, but it does go into things like scales, legato and learning chords. I have a feeling that one week will probably be a month's study for me since I know my speed when it comes to learning fiddle. And this is fine! If I can progress through the book, that means it'll last me close to a year's worth of practice and technique. Though I have some thoughts that I'll probably not be that advanced in the space of 10 months. But who knows! I'll give it a shot. 

At this point, I'm just starting to review up strumming again. I've got my down strum side of my finger to a point where it can hold out through practice. Now I have to do the same for the other side of the finger, which usually is my more sensitive side. I'm trying to take it slow so that I don't get any more blisters. It's coming along!