Sims 4 – Werewolf Game Pack Incoming!

Posted on June 13, 2022 by Aywren

So we’re getting werewolves in Sims 4 come June 16. As of this moment, I’m not quite sure what to feel about them.

First glance, they’re absolutely uncanny valley territory for me. I think the idea behind the wolf design was to make it so the bodies fit all the clothing and provided as much customization as possible. The lack of tail is concerning, however. And the cartoony features of the faces, no matter how customizable, just strikes me as… I don’t know.

However, the more I look at them and read about the game pack, the more I know I’m probably going to end up buying it anyhow. They’re slowly growing on me in that ridiculous Sims way. I already have a vampire and ghost house, so why not add more to it?

Maybe make Estrella Goth (the wife in the family) a werewolf?

Hey, I’m liking that idea! And it’s about time I dust off my Sims 4 households anyhow.

So what do you think? Are the Sims 4 werewolves a hit or miss for you? Would you like to see some werewolf and vampire mayhem in my Goth family haunted house?

Let me know!